Taibai Mountain·Tang Town: Join hands with Swisstouches Hotel to create an ideal destination for tourism and vacation

A grand dialogue of world-renowned mountains, a journey of exploration of Eastern and Western resort cultures. Taibai Mountain·Tang Town, located in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, has become a very large-scale cultural and tourism complex in the Taibai Mountain area and a new benchmark project for cultural and tourism in Shaanxi with its charming Tang-style architecture, gardens, and commercial facilities covering food, clothing, housing, travel and so on.

As one of the key projects of Taibai Mountain International Tourism Resort, Taibai Mountain Tang Town is also a key cultural and tourism construction project in Shaanxi Province in 2019 and 2020. It covers an area of ​​about 3,000 mu. It is a characteristic town with the theme of Tang culture, creating a modern An ideal living destination for urbanites, where romance and leisure meet.

On July 2, Taibai Mountain Tangzhen Swisstouches Hot Spring Resort officially opened, adding another international hot spring resort hotel in Shaanxi. As the Taibai Mountain International Tourism Resort with more than 3,000 years of Tangyu hot spring culture, with the addition of the international management team of Swisstouches Hotel, it will further enhance the influence of Taibai Mountain’s cultural tourism industry.

Originating from the Swiss Alps, Swisstouches Hotel aims to provide world-class hotel services and classic Swiss hospitality to customers around the world. The cooperation between Taibai Mountain Tang Town and Swisstouches Hotel, the elegant Swiss style and the classical oriental traditional aesthetics of Tang Town perfectly blend under Taibai Mountain, creating a brand new hot spring resort experience. Swisstouches is currently the largest and fastest-growing Swiss local brand in China, and has always adhered to the original intention of “touching Switzerland and tasting elegance”.

At the opening ceremony, the “Alpine Horn” with Swiss national characteristics played the prelude to the opening ceremony of the hotel. Baoji Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress, Meixian County Party Committee, County Government, Taibai Mountain Tourist Area Management Committee and other leaders and guests attended the event.

Zhang Xinlin, deputy director of Taibai Mountain Tourist Area Management Committee, Ms. Sun Yin, chairman of Tianlang Holding Group, Mr. Wei Xingxing, general manager of Taibai Mountain Tang Town, Ms. PILAR VITTORIA, chairman of Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, and Mr. Ian Larmour, chairman of Risley Group speeches respectively.

When mountains meet mountains, a “Shuangshan Dialogue Forum” officially kicks off. Mr. Zhou Gang, Vice President of Tianlang Holding Group, Mr. Anthony Lack, Director of HTMi Institute in Switzerland, Mr. Anthony Lack, Chairman of Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Ms. PILAR VITTORIA, and Liu Hai, Deputy Director of Taibai Mountain Management Committee, had a dialogue and discussion, bringing new inspiration and thinking to the guests .

Swisstouches Hotel has settled in Taibai Mountain Tang Town, integrating the lifestyles of two world-class famous mountains, bringing world-class resort standards into the town, providing tourists and owners with richer hot spring experience scenes, and also providing a basis for the development of resort culture. Exploration expands new imagination space. For Taibai Mountain International Tourism Resort, it is an important step to actively implement and promote the global tourism strategy, and it is a catalyst for the development of the regional cultural tourism industry. It is expected that the two parties will join hands to start a new journey of Taibai Mountain cultural tourism in the future.

The hotel uses pure natural mineral rock hot spring water collected from 2,400 meters underground to provide healthy and relaxing spa services. The full-time Swisstouches Café Restaurant, Earl’s House Restaurant, Swiss Alpine Garden Lounge, Banquet Hall, Children’s Club, boutiques and other dining and leisure spaces full of Swiss elements allow residents to immerse themselves in a lazy and comfortable atmosphere.

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