Surgical or non-surgical, which would you choose? At the age of 53, he can also solve the bags under the eyes without any trace!

Bags under the eyes are quite “destructive” to the appearance. After all, people don’t like to gain weight, and the eyes are no exception. So let’s talk about the schedule for eye bag removal, whether it is internal approach or external incision, or orbital septal fat transfer and backfilling, let’s see what happens to the eyes after surgery.

? More eye bag patients prefer minimally invasive techniques to remove eye bags

Relatively speaking, everyone prefers the ultra-minimally invasive method to remove bags under the eyes, because the wound is in the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid, and the appearance is not visible at all. There is no need to suture or remove the stitches, and it is less troublesome.

▼ Surgical method

▼ Improvement effect after operation

Figure | 53-year-old patient before operation

Figure | Immediately after surgery

Figure|Reexamination 7 days after surgery

If the skin of the lower eyelid is severely loose, it is still recommended to do an excision method, which can not only remove the bags under the eyes, but also tighten and lift the lower eyelid as needed to make it firmer and flatter.

? Coexistence of eye bags and tear troughs: orbital septum transfer to achieve multiple effects in one operation

“Obital septal fat transfer and backfilling” is relatively more complicated and delicate. It does not simply cut off the fat, but uses it to fill the tear trough. Once transferred, it becomes a filler for the tear trough, and the effect is natural and long-lasting; many people have bags under the eyes accompanied by the symbiosis of the tear trough, which is very suitable for this operation.

▼ Surgical method

▼Improvement after surgery

Figure|35 Preoperative patients with eye bags and tear troughs

Figure | Immediately after surgery

Figure|Reexamination 30 days after surgery

? Consider non-surgical improvement of bags under the eyes as appropriate – not thorough and easy to relapse

Many patients are resistant to surgery, so there are non-surgical options.

▼Principle of treatment

The bags under the eyes are bulging, but there are depressions around them. You can directly inject the bags around the eyes to make them smooth, so that the eye area will naturally connect and transition, and the bags under the eyes will not be visible, just like PS removes the bags under the eyes.

The effect after the injection is visible on the spot, and the needle hole is so small that it can hardly be seen the next day. If you really don’t want to remove the eye bags through surgery, this method is also good.Of course, the maintenance effect is not as good as that of surgery.repeated injectionsimprove

There are also some photoelectric devices that can ablate fat, but the ability to treat large eye bags is still relatively limited.If you really want to remove eye bags, it is recommended to consider the surgical treatment mentioned above

So, which of these methods would you choose if you were looking to get rid of bags under your eyes?


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