Sun Honglei and Zeng Zhiwei’s old dramas are on the scene, and the version of Infernal Affairs in “Cute Detective” is too exciting

“Cute Detective Detective 3” has been broadcast to the eighth issue, and the selection of themes has continued to expand. Following Taiwanese idols, costume suspense, game IP re-enactment and other themes and creative forms, this program has also integrated the classic Hong Kong movie IP “Infernal Affairs”, creating a thrilling and exciting episode around the theme of police and robbers and double undercover elements. A variety show full of movie texture. Not only the famous scenes and classic lines of “Infernal Affairs” are reproduced, but also old actors such as Tranquility, Sun Honglei, and Zeng Zhiwei are on the same stage for a decisive battle, which highly restores the tense plot and trembling atmosphere of Hong Kong classic old movies, and the sense of immersion in film and television is once again upgrade. In addition, this issue of “Internal Entertainment Living People” boldly stepped on the line with each other, which further upgraded the hilarious aspect of the show. After the broadcast of the program, #梦探3流泪世界之道#
#谢娜过听张松文歌##四志伟句从绝传道韩晓# and other 100 topics covered all major social media. Since the program was broadcast, the highest popularity on the station has reached 8553. “Cute Detective Detective 3” relies on its professional and innovative content creation capabilities to continue to create happiness and surprises for the audience.

Powerful actors are soaring in dramas, and the “Cute Detective” version of “Infernal Affairs” dreams of returning to the prosperity of Hong Kong films

As a classic Hong Kong movie with a score of 9.2 on Douban and performed by powerful first-line actors such as Andy Lau and Tony Leung, “Infernal Affairs” has a crucial stroke in the history of Chinese film development. Adapting a national-level high-reputation movie IP requires a very high production threshold. “Cute Detective Detective Case” has once again achieved a high degree of restoration of the popular IP by virtue of the experience and professionalism in adapting film and television IP in the past three seasons. In this episode of the program, Zeng Zhiwei reappears the role of the social boss Han Chen in “Infernal Affairs”. There are also members of the Mengtan family and flying guests performing classic roles in Hong Kong films such as Liu Jianming, Chen Yongren, Chen Guorong, Liu Piaopiao, etc., bringing the audience back to the prosperous era of Hong Kong films.

In addition to the return and interpretation of the characters, the content and plot of this episode are more refined. Sun Honglei and Zeng Zhiwei restored the famous scene of the police confrontation in “Infernal Affairs” on the spot, vividly interpreting the game between the good and the evil factions, and the hidden murderous eyes are even more unfathomable, making the audience tremble with fear; there is also the most classic in “Infernal Affairs” The restoration of the rooftop scene and drama, the sentence “It was clearly agreed to be three years, but three years later and three years later”, made Hong Kong film lovers instantly get goosebumps. On the basis of the classic plot, “Moe Tan Tan Tan 3” upgrades the content viewing experience with a new plot. When Sun Honglei and Xie Na raised their hands and walked out of the elevator and said “We are the police”, the truth of the story was also revealed. The two-sided undercover chose to uphold justice, successfully eradicated the umbrella of evil forces, and also expressed the core intention of yearning for light. From the characters to the plot to the picture, this issue of “Moe Detective Detective 3” presents a movie-level texture, recreating the retro, suspense, horror and other atmospheres in Hong Kong police and gangster films, creating immersive follow-up and IP for the audience After-sales experience.

Adventurous and hilarious dual-tube upgrades, “Moe Detective 3” continues to broaden the boundaries of IP production

In order to give full play to the highlights of the theme of “Infernal War” in this issue, in addition to the high-quality presentation and restoration of the plot, elements of adventure and horror have been strengthened in decryption games and reality shows. This episode of the program sets up a large-scale chase battle in shopping malls, and incorporates modern urban elements on the basis of Hong Kong film IP, which is more in line with the variety show audience’s follow-up experience. The props and scenes such as the countdown explosion photo device, elevator pass, and seamless elevator set up in the pursuit battle create an intense and exciting viewing experience in an all-round way, so that the audience dare not blink throughout the process. In such a situation, there was an unexpected chemical reaction among the guests. Nazha, who was an undercover agent, was unable to recognize her teammates and gain trust, and fell into a situation of isolation and helplessness. The anxiety and fear made her break down and cry. The situation that the guests entered the show too deeply appeared more than once in this season’s program, which is enough to show the wonderful setting and real experience of “Moe Detective Detective 3”.

While falling into the wonderful plot, the laugh making ability of “Cute Detective Detective 3” remains online. In this episode of the program, there are hilarious and famous scenes frequently produced in the answering and answering sessions. Sun Honglei and Zeng Zhiwei stepped on the line with each other, “name three reasons for divorce” and “name three directors who don’t want to cooperate anymore”. Every question is breathless; Sister Nazha did not hesitate to mention Sun Honglei’s three shortcomings for the victory. She really has no idol before; there is also Xie Na, a first-line surfer on the Internet, who has repeatedly cue Zhang Songwen (in the cover software) and released many singles. singer. Since the eighth program, the tacit understanding of the Mengtan family has become stronger and stronger, and the funny skills have been improved to a higher level.

“Cute Detective Detective 3” refuses to accept the homogenization of content, and constantly innovates and upgrades in IP selection, theme setting, content extension, etc., and is committed to creating high-quality, high-emotional value variety show products. Next Friday at 18:00, the ninth episode of the program will usher in the theme of court dramas. The fusion of many classic Qing court dramas will continue to bring novel viewing experiences to the audience.


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