Suggestions for 40-year-old middle-aged men: don’t wear tights, don’t have long hair, don’t wear flowered clothes, handsome and not greasy

There is a very big gap between men and women in dressing and dressing. After women get older, they are very sensitive to beauty, but middle-aged men will appear extra calm. Dressing is still very attractive. But in fact, after a man reaches the age of 40, he still wants to be full of masculinity and look stylish. He still needs to learn the correct way of dressing, otherwise he will look greasy.

The middle-aged stage is no better than when we were young. At this time, we no longer have the vigor of youth, and even our appearance and figure will gradually fade away. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus more on your own image, learn how to dress and know how to choose Only with a hairstyle that suits you can you get rid of the greasy feeling and be easily handsome to the bone. A man with real taste knows what is most important to him, and he also knows how to avoid the items and hairstyles that are troubling.

I’m here to chat with you today. I believe many people will be particularly interested in the topic of how middle-aged men become more attractive as they get older. The growth of age may change our external image, but as long as we have a heart that is not afraid of aging, and live a little more delicately, understand life, dress up, and have taste, we can naturally make middle age more beautiful than when we were young. attraction.

?Don’t wear tights, greasy and tacky

For middle-aged men, the selection and matching of clothing items is a critical step, especially when choosing clothes, you must learn to avoid styles that are too tight. Tights can easily expose your shortcomings, especially men who get fat and out of shape with age,Wearing tight clothes will make you feel fat. Even if you are a thin body, wearing clothes that are too tight will look particularly tacky.

Solution: The style fits well, choose a slightly looser version

No matter what type of figure you are, when we choose clothing items, we must avoid too tight styles. It is recommended that you give priority to choosing slightly loose or fit sizes, which will not only make you more comfortable to wear, And it is more tolerant of body shape.A style that maintains a certain margin with the skin can be worn more refreshed, flesh-covering, and slimming.

?Don’t keep your hair too long, it will make you greasy uncle

It is said that a person’s hairstyle determines his temperament. For middle-aged men, the influence of hairstyle is even more obvious. If your hair is too long, it will instantly reveal your real age, and long hair will reduce your appearance every minute. It is worth points, I suggest you not to try it lightly.Even if you have good looks, after reaching a certain age, it will be more difficult to control long hair.

Solution: refreshing and clean short hair, more age-reducing

When a mature man chooses a hairstyle, the most important thing is to choose the right length and style. First of all, the length should not exceed the ears, and the hair on both sides can be shaved as short as possible. If you want to have a handsome hairstyle, you can put the main focus on it. overhead position.No matter what style of hairstyle, everyone must maintain a sufficiently refreshing and clean effect, and regular cleaning is very important.

?Never wear colorful clothes, refuse to feel fancy

For most middle-aged men, in order to make their style look more trendy, they will let go of borrowing and try floral clothes. Wearing fancy shirts, T-shirts, and trousers, they feel that they will look more fashionable. Younger, but the real situation is not satisfactory.Clothing items with printed elements can easily appear extravagant and tasteless, and will reduce the overall style.

Solution: Wear more basic solid-color items

If you don’t want to make mistakes, try to choose basic pure-color items. The effect of wearing them is more sunny and handsome, and it also has a good age-reducing effect. The older you get, the more you should dress yourself to look more concise and elegant,So the clothes you choose should not be too exaggerated and high-profile, which will naturally enhance your personal charm.

Fashion summary:

1. For a man around 40 years old, if he wants to show a handsome and generous side, he must keep in mind the correct way of dressing, whether it is clothing or hairstyle, he must pay special attention to it.

2. The real handsomeness of a man lies not only in your appearance and figure, but also in your inner self-cultivation and temperament. Only a gentlemanly man can release a more charming charm.

I believe everyone will understand at the end, how important it is for a man to not wear leggings, long hair, and flowered dresses when a man reaches middle age?


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