Stand in the south of the Yangtze River and watch the world! “Travel with Subo” new book debut

On the afternoon of July 2, the activity of “Standing in the South of the Yangtze River, Viewing the World——The Launching Ceremony of the New Book “Travel with Subo”” was held in the main hall of Suzhou Museum. The event is co-hosted by Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House and Suzhou Museum. This event is also one of the Jiangsu Book Fair series.

Chen Ruijin, Deputy Director of Suzhou Cultural Relics Bureau and Honorary Director of Suzhou Museum, Xie Xiaoting, Director of Suzhou Museum, Zhang Zaijian, President of Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House, Zhao Yang, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and other guests attended the opening ceremony, Deputy Chief Editor of Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House Zhang Yu was the host, and colleagues from Suzhou Xinhua Bookstore and major media were also present.

The opening ceremony also invited Li Zhe, deputy curator of Suzhou Museum, Chen Zenglu, curator of Wu Culture Museum, Datou Ma, a travel literature writer, and Gao Zhujun, editor-in-chief of “Follow Su Bo to Travel” and the host Zhang Yu. talk. The panelists chatted about topics such as book planning, museums, travel, editing and publishing from different perspectives, and shared summer exhibitions and upcoming new books, bringing a wonderful cultural experience to the audience.

The pocket book “Travel with Subo” has gone through more than a year of careful preparation and polishing from topic selection planning, content design, text writing, editing and publishing. Through this book, Suzhou Museum hopes to provide tourists with a more personalized Subo-Bo tour experience, discover the radiation effect of the museum on surrounding tourism, and fully release the “city travel guide” effect of the museum as the first stop of travel.The whole book is designed with “Natural History and Broad Knowledge Subo Raiders”, “Natural History Reading City Subo Check-in Circle”, “Natural Knowledge Journey”
The three chapters of “Subo Next Stop” strive to accompany the audience from the perspective of the museum, starting from the Suzhou Museum, and extending to Taohuawu, Northeast Street, Northwest Street, Pingjiang Historic District, and Guanqian Street, so that the audience can enjoy the whole historical and cultural experience. In the space of the block, it takes half a day or one day to visit, and connects the natural and cultural landscapes of the ancient city, Huqiu District, Wuzhong District and other districts and cities from the main building and the west building, prolonging the stay time of tourists and bringing tourists more In-depth cultural and tourism services will feed back the Suzhou culture and tourism market.

The successful publication of the pocket book “Travel with Subo” not only hopes that the audience can gain more possibilities of traveling in Suzhou and Subo from this book, but also hopes to use this as an opportunity to create a publicity and promotion platform for the Suzhou Museum. Study new brands. Let more viewers and tourists “travel with Subo” and “view the world from the south of the Yangtze River” with Subo. (Photo/Su Bo, Jiangsu Phoenix)

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