Spring Breeze in Yandu (Shan Jingan) Poetry

Nanjing South Railway Station Fu

July 2023 in Nanjing

The ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the metropolis of the Ten Dynasties; the spring scenery of Shicheng, the scenery of Qinhuai River. In front of Yuhua Terrace, next to Niu Shou Mountain. “Zhongshan is pale and yellow from the wind and rain”. Crown Asia and lead the world, cover Kyushu and distinguish Shanghai and Hangzhou. The ancient rhyme of Jinling wards off evil spirits. Caijing bucket arches, colonnade with double eaves. Founder is resolute, elegant curves; magnificent charm, magnificent pattern. The furrows of the palace are better than heaven. Tourists travel, it is difficult to distinguish between the world and the sky. The stars in the sea are like one, and the new station of the ancient capital may not be a double. Thousands of miles of Yangtze River flows by, the sails drop and the mast stops.

The battle between the southern line and the northern line has gone through many vicissitudes. Did Shangyuanmen fall into the Tao, or did Dasheng pass through the gate? After repeated comparisons, Nanjing South Railway Station will finally celebrate. The beauty of South Railway Station is a combination of Chinese and Western styles, with a classic charm. Engraved brass, glass curtain wall. Broad and majestic, majestic palace. Above ground and underground, vertical traffic, three-dimensional traffic is busy. Zero transfers, soothing Tangtang. The jade dragon flies across the sky, and the earth dragon escapes thousands of feet. Take the metered bus and file in and out. Prosperous but not chaotic, orderly and smooth. The crowd is surging, and the ever-changing neon clothes. Meishan space service, tourist attraction navigation.

Nanjing South Railway Station is one mile from north to south and half a mile from east to west. There are 15 waiting halls, 15 platforms and 3 stations. 28 railway tracks pass through the layers, 56 ticket gates, and more than 100 automatic ticket gates, waiting in all directions. Taxi stands, bus stops, and long-distance stations are all facing each other. Line 1, Line 3, Line S1, Line s3, and so on. To the far side of the city. The hub is vertical and horizontal, above ground and underground, finely woven into a network. As you can see, the phoenix falls on the Phoenix platform.

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