Solve the involution of the liquor market with creativity

Involution means that everyone competes in one way; that is, companies imitate, learn from, and copy each other; when everyone competes in one way, the input-output ratio will continue to decline, and the final result of involution is that all participants in the transaction Neither side is profitable.

Schumpeter, the father of global innovation, said: Without innovation, companies can only make average profits, and then they will be lower than average profits, and finally they can only get social trust wages. Innovation is the only way to break through involution. Hua Creative Group divides innovation into technological innovation, business model innovation and brand innovation.

However, there are only a small number of enterprises in the market that truly possess original technologies. Only 1% of enterprises can master the core technology. What should the rest of the enterprises do? The answer is: business model innovation and brand innovation. Business model innovation refers to the creation of new customer value through the innovation of the transaction structure of stakeholders, and the establishment of consumer preference through brand innovation, so as to continuously obtain lower value in the long-term scale. Cost of customer traffic.

Hua Creative believes that innovation is to introduce the “new combination” of production factors and production conditions into the production system. Innovation can be summarized into four new combinations: adopting a new product or a new feature of a product; adopting a new production method; opening up a new market.

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