[Short Story/Science Fiction]300 million tons of tombstones

This morning, Robin got up early as usual. After washing, he strolled to the small yard behind his house. Except for a piece of lawn that he seldom repaired, he just piled up some miscellaneous things. . Last night, he was thinking about whether to sell the lawn mower that was successfully scrapped after being borrowed by his cousin last month, so he walked to the pile of scrap iron and started rummaging.

After removing an outdoor air conditioner that was covered in rust, Robin turned his eyes to the corner of the yard. He noticed that there seemed to be a stone under the corner of the snow-white painted wooden fence. The grass in the corner has grown to knee height due to a recent neglect of the yard. Robin walked over, pushed aside the grass with both hands, and found that the stone was actually a tombstone. He was taken aback, and then he looked at the inscription on the stele with frosted edges and a smooth middle – that was actually his own name! He suppressed the panic in his heart. On the tombstone, his name was engraved in the middle, and there was a line of small numbers below it, which was his date of birth and death. Robin found that the birthday matched his own, and the date of death was decades away from now.

Standing up, the panic when he was frightened just now gradually subsided, and Robin suddenly felt angry. This is definitely the worst April Fool’s Day joke in human history, not one of them. He cursed the bastard for such a prank in his mind, then got his shovel and started digging the thing out.

At noon, Robin was still thinking about this in his mind. He thought carefully, he didn’t have anyone in his life who had a deep hatred against him, and finding the murderer was not easy. So he ran to the yard angrily again, filled the hole dug out when digging the tombstone, and stepped on it angrily.

In the afternoon, Robin found his neighbor, Uncle Carl who lived across the street from his house, was yelling some gender-related words at the top of his voice, and Robin could hear them clearly in his room. He ran out of the house and saw Carl pushing a cart and cursing down the street, heading for the dump. The cart contained a stone—a gravestone, as one might expect.

Robin trotted all the way to Carl’s side. The two exchanged a few simple greetings, and it was only then that Carl realized that Robin had encountered the same situation this morning—his own tombstone appeared in his yard inexplicably.

After saying goodbye to Carl, Robin thought about going home. Those tombstones were not only written with the names of their respective owners, but even their birthdays were written accurately, as if the prankster had made perfect preparations in advance. But what about that date of death? Was it just something the prisoner wrote casually, or…

Robin didn’t dare to think about it anymore, but he continued to think about it later. Time travel or future prediction? Don’t talk about it, if there is such an ability, or something that can do this kind of thing, who would run to such a vulgar prank after being full? Thinking about it this way, maybe those death dates were really just written casually to bluff people. Thinking of this, Robin was furious again, and continued to curse the bastard who made such a prank in his heart.

But the development of things is completely beyond Robin’s expectation. The next day, a shocking news was published on the front page of the newspaper—just yesterday, nearly 80% of the people in the world found their tombstones at or near their homes! These tombstones are all the same as what Robin encountered yesterday morning, and they all have their names and dates of birth and death written on them!

This incident immediately set off waves that were almost like a large-scale plague outbreak across the world. The vast majority of people in the world actually discovered their own tombstone on the same day? !

Because the scale of this incident is too large and supernatural, various conspiracy theories about its possible truth emerge in endlessly. People are tirelessly discussing that the Almighty God, no matter how powerful he is, can only make all human beings breathe at the same time and blink at the same time. kind of thing, but this time here comes a guy who may be more powerful than God but is a fart and has no morals. Everyone’s home is disgusting to humans.

However, for what purpose and reason did he do this, after a period of time, it was only regarded as a supernatural hobby after dinner – after all, this incident did not cause any real problems to anyone. Harm (although some people think that they have to deal with this unlucky thing to waste their youth). And that was how it seemed to end, one of the greatest pranks worthy of the annals of mankind.

Two years later, on the third Tuesday of September, a group of police officers wearing police uniforms from an unknown country suddenly approached the UN Security Council—to be precise, when the UN was holding this year’s regular session of the Federation, this group of people suddenly He broke into the meeting place through the gate of time and space, almost scaring all the representatives from various countries. From the news released by the United Nations later, we learned that this group of people is the police from a certain country on Earth from another parallel universe, and they are here to arrest a suspect who used a time machine to commit a crime. And they are the task force for this operation.

In a separate conference room, representatives of the five permanent members of the Security Council are talking to the task force.

Through conversations with them, people know that in different parallel universes, even the same earth and human beings are very different from each other. These police officers from another time and space spoke a somewhat unfamiliar English. After careful comparison, they realized that their language was different from the world we live in in detail, and similar differences in society, humanities, Every aspect of history is omnipresent. But this is not a big deal. After all, the language barrier can be eliminated through communication, not to mention that they speak human language after all.

“We come from the parallel universe No. 0079.” The captain said, scanning the five faces sitting opposite him across the table. “Let’s make a long story short. Humans in the universe we belong to have developed a time machine that can travel between time and space at will. But this kind of thing is a complete military secret, and we have to treat it like a nuclear bomb. We only More than ten time machines were produced, but one of them was accidentally stolen by the suspect. He used the time machine to travel to other parallel universes. We don’t know what he did, but through his surveillance, we only know that he It once brought a total of 326.7 million tons of objects into your universe. The interaction of matter with such a large mass may cause a big collapse of time and space, so we must catch him.

After all, he signaled his subordinates to bring a time machine over. What caught everyone’s eyes was something that looked like a laptop computer. The whole body was pitch black, and it didn’t look like a high-tech gadget. The captain opens the lid like a laptop, and there is also a keyboard and a display inside.

“As long as certain parameters are input into this machine, it can generate a time-space gate in any space and time, leading to any time-space. It is said that it is a time machine, but it also has the function of traveling through space, so crossing the universe is also a piece of cake. A plate.” He said, while typing on the keyboard. Finally, he pressed Enter, and a space-time portal appeared in the middle of the conference hall. It is shaped like an oval colored vortex, and the contents inside cannot be seen. It rotates slowly and continuously, exuding a charming temperament.

“Now I have opened a time and space door leading to the world we originally belonged to. The principle of the time machine is essentially a small wormhole, but after precise artificial modulation, it can accurately lead to the set time and space.” The captain said Finished, and pressed a few more buttons to turn it off.

“How are you going to hunt down that prisoner?” asked one of the Wuchang representatives.

“It’s very simple, we trace the time and place where he first appeared in this universe, and then we go back in time and go there to capture him in advance.” The captain paused, then continued, “But there is a problem. Because the things he brought to this universe are too massive, if we capture him, we don’t know if it will have too much impact on the future time and space.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. The captain thought for a while and said, “This problem is a bit difficult to describe. In the past few years, has it happened… that is, the kind of thing where a lot of things suddenly appeared on the earth? As I said, that guy A full 326.7 million tons of things have been brought to you.”

The representatives thought about it, and one of them spoke first: “Speaking of this, it seems that there was an incident two years ago that is still unknown. One day, the vast majority of people in the world… how to put it, found it in their homes. I found my own tombstone. I think, with so many tombstones, maybe they are as heavy as you said.”

The captain thought. “You mean the same day? Then there must be billions of tombstones? How did he do it?”

The representatives shook their heads and smiled wryly. “Sir, we don’t know as much about this as you people from another universe.”

“Yes, yes.” The captain smiled awkwardly.

Before long, plans to capture the prisoner began to be drawn up. Although it is not clear how that person made nearly 5 billion tombstones appear in every household overnight, but this does not affect the implementation of the plan. Everyone decided to go back to the earliest time and place when that person appeared on this earth, and then wait and catch him in one fell swoop.

Everyone is resting for the start of the action. Police in New York were also called to the United Nations to assist in the operation. They curiously studied this great invention of human beings from another universe, and had a great time.

One of the Wuchang representatives was chatting with the captain.

“Tell me something interesting about your place?” he said. “You can even build a time machine. You must have a lot of other good things, right?”

The captain smiled politely after listening, “Of course, of course. By the way, do you know what movie I like to watch the most? The name is “The Salvation of Thousands of Households.”

“The name sounds familiar.”

“Familiar, right? You know, there was a movie called “The Shawshank Redemption” at the end of the 20th century. It’s a tribute to it.”

The representative frowned. “Oh, I’ve seen it. But… I remember that Shawshank is a place name. Wanhu…”

The captain smirked, “Haha, this Wanhu refers to the Wanhu crater, which is the one on the back of the moon. We built a prison there.”

“It’s also the story of the prison break?”

“Yes. It’s about a prisoner who was imprisoned unjustly. He stole a small cruiser, ran from the moon to a small island in the Pacific Ocean, and sent the corrupt warden there.”

“Really. It’s really interesting.” The representative was thoughtful, “However, I remember you said that you are from the ‘0079’ universe. Does this mean that there are still a large number of parallel universes?”

“That’s right. The way we discover other parallel universes is to open a channel to the Planck membrane first, and then find the warp point in the Planck membrane, leading to other universes. We can’t detect the inside of the warp point. structure, so we have no way of knowing which universe we will go to every time and how many parallel universes there are, maybe countless. And your universe is something we haven’t discovered before, but we are very lucky, It took only two years to find the universe where the suspect is located, which is your universe.”

“Oh, that’s right, it’s been two years since that incident happened.”

“Yes. We’ve been searching the Planck membrane for two years, and people are going crazy.”

… … …

“Robin Herbert.” After using the tracking function of the time machine to find the earliest location set by the time machine used by the suspect, the local police quickly locked the location of the family.

“Very good, very good.” The captain muttered. “Our vocal cords have modulated the air of this earth through vibration, allowing them to carry information from another universe. Although these information exist for a very short time, they are undeniably a miracle of physics.” He finished. , skillfully operating the time machine, ready to open the door of time and space.

In a dark room, a man is carefully carving a piece of stone with a chisel in one hand and a hammer in the other. His face was cleanly shaved, his hair was neatly arranged, and his clothes, which were washed a little white, looked very plain.

He had already laid out this huge plan, and now was the moment when he was ready to implement it for the first time. After all, by using the time machine, I can reduce my own entropy countless times. When I return to this fixed time, I can also throw the things I took to other time and space there, and I can retreat without affecting the current time and space. He took great pains to get this thing, and the wish he made to the lamp god was not to make himself prosperous, but to take revenge on the earth with his own hands. As for why he did this, we don’t know anymore, because in the end, he, like all other ordinary and extraordinary people in this world, who love or hate this world, belonged to the nothingness of the universe, allowing life, which is born on its own, to return to nothingness. Entropic systems stop functioning. So let’s call him “Madman” for the time being, the man who made the biggest prank in history, turned back time countless times, carved tombstones countless times, and finally brought them to that earth to complete his great cause.

Of course, the planning has only just begun. This is his first work, a stele with frosted edges and a smooth center, with the dates of birth and death engraved on it, which he knows from the real tombstones of those people when he went to the future. After that, he will turn back time 4.9999999999 times to complete his remaining 4.9999999999 Nine different tombstones.

Standing up and letting out a sigh of relief, he completed the last process – engraving his name on it.

“Robin Herbert”.

The lunatic carefully carried the stele and came to the backyard of Robin’s house. He planned to put it in the corner of the yard so that he could see it easily.

At this moment, the time-space gate that the lunatic had seen countless times appeared near him. A team of police rushed out. He dropped the stele and ran away, but the police immediately rushed up, pinned him to the ground, and handcuffed him.

“Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt your plan. But your behavior, according to the Parallel Universe Law and Order Act, is considered a crime of smuggling.” The captain said, picked up the lunatic, and pushed him into the gate of time and space.

“Now, come back with us.”

“How…how did you know about my plan?”

The captain smiled. “Sir, you know better than we do.”

“Is it really because of this thing? From the future to catch me…”

No one saw the madman’s last expression before entering the gate of time and space, it was an inexplicable smile.

Let’s assume that a tombstone is 65 cm high, 40 cm long, and 10 cm wide. Then the volume of a tombstone is 0.026 cubic meters. Granite is usually used to make tombstones. The density of granite is about 2790 kilograms per cubic meter. Then the mass of a tombstone That’s about 72.5 kilograms. And our amazing lunatic, who (at least in the time and space when he himself was not arrested) made a full five billion tombstones, then these tombstones weigh a full 326.7 million tons.

We don’t know if one God governs all universes, or if each universe has its own God. But then we learn that, at least in Robin’s universe, God is scrupulous. Because even if only one quark is brought to another universe, the uncertain factors caused by it will continue to accumulate on the infinitely extended timeline, eventually leading to a great change or collapse of time and space. Therefore, in order to prevent this collapse, there is absolutely nothing that can be changed about what has happened—even if it should never have happened.

On Earth in universe 0079, with a bang of the gavel, our lunatic was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of mass smuggling of substances. His expression is as calm as water, because he knows that the next day will be his second trial, and he will not spend the rest of his life in prison, he will be sentenced to death for another, more serious crime.

Just after our lunatic was taken off the dock, in another distant universe, countless artificial satellites in the geosynchronous orbit of the earth issued alarms-a huge asteroid was approaching the earth at a speed of 50,000 meters per second. It weighs 326.7 million tons and is made of granite. Moreover, our generous God is really dedicated. In order to send back these substances that should have existed on the earth to prevent the collapse of time and space, he even preserved the information originally carried by these substances for the humans on this earth—in that piece On the 32.5 million square meter surface of the gigantic sphere, the names and dates of birth and death of five billion individuals are densely engraved.

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