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for many people

The study has become an essential space in the home

This is a “home office” and a “relaxation room”

The study is well designed

Let reading and work get twice the result with half the effort!

1. Soundproofing of the study room

As a space for study and work, the study room requires a quiet environment, so the requirements for sound insulation are very high, so the sound insulation problem must be given priority when decorating.

Most of the noise in the home comes from the outdoors and enters the room through the windows, so it is very important to have soundproof windows. Generally speaking, hollow double-glazed windows with plastic-steel casement sealed windows are a good choice, which can isolate 70% to 80% of noise, while ordinary aluminum alloy single-layer glass can only isolate 30% to 40% of noise.

For indoor noise, the ceiling can be suspended with sound-absorbing gypsum board, the wall can be made of PVC sound-absorbing board or soft-packed decorative cloth, and the floor can be made of thicker carpet, which also has a certain sound-absorbing effect.

Second, the lighting of the study room

The so-called study is essential for reading, so the lighting of the study is very important. Good lighting will give people a warm and comfortable feeling, and can also reduce eye fatigue when reading. Place the desk in front of the window to maximize the use of natural light. When you rest, you can look out of the window and relax your eyes.

If there is no window in the room, it is necessary to make clever use of lighting design, which is mainly divided into two aspects: space lighting and desk lighting. In terms of space lighting, you should choose a brightness of 300-500lx, and a neutral color temperature of 4000k for color temperature, which is more conducive to keeping people clear when working or studying. If you choose warm light, it is easy to make people feel sleepy.

When designing desk lighting, the light source should be installed on the left front of the desk and projected obliquely onto the desktop, so as to avoid the shadow of the head and hands when writing. On the contrary, if the person is left-handed, the light source should be installed on the upper right corner of the desk.

Third, the color matching of the study

A large area of ​​color can give people the most intuitive feeling, so the color matching of the study must be reasonable and comfortable, which is more conducive to the atmosphere of work and study. For the study room, the atmosphere does not need to be too warm, but it needs to create a quiet feeling.

1. Cool colors

Compared with the enthusiasm of warm colors, cool colors can give people a more quiet and peaceful feeling. The elegant blue is light and calm, together with elegant and classic decorative paintings, tables and chairs, it creates a comfortable sense of hierarchy and stability for the study.

2. Log color system

The color of wood seems to contain a kind of charm. As long as you step into this space, you will forget the noise of the outside world. Therefore, when decorating the study room, many people also choose the color of original wood. Wood-colored floors, desks, and bookcases Correspondingly, it renders a quiet and leisurely atmosphere.

3. Light color system

Light-colored study rooms are the most common, and light yellow, light gray, and beige are very common. This can not only make the space look clean and soft, but also avoid the feeling of depression in the space and expand the space visually, especially suitable for small apartments.

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study design

Can best reflect the owner’s taste and personality

On the basis of meeting the functional requirements

Choose different collocations to enrich the space

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