Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine organizes 11 United Front experts to go to Ningjin to carry out free clinics

Recently, the United Front Work Department of the Party Committee of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, together with the United Front Work Department of the Party Committee of two affiliated hospitals, organized 11 United Front experts to go to the first secretary of the school in Ningjin County to help the first secretary to carry out the “implementation of the ‘Common Prosperity Action’, to give full play to professional advantages, Helping Rural Revitalization” free clinic and theme education visit and study activities.
It is understood that the free clinic activity was carried out in the Health Center of Baodian Town, Ningjin County. The United Front experts from the school and two affiliated hospitals gave full play to their professional advantages to prescribe prescriptions for the villagers, analyze their conditions, and explain to the villagers about hypertension, diabetes, Preventive diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, bone and joint disease, digestive system disease, gynecological disease, tumor comprehensive treatment, etc., and patiently guide how to purchase and take related drugs. A total of more than 200 people were diagnosed and treated in this free clinic activity, and the school also donated medicines worth more than 6,000 yuan.

During the event, the experts also visited and studied at the teaching brigade of Shandong Bohai Navy District, a revolutionary traditional education base located in Ningjin County Art Center, to relive the glorious years of the teaching brigade of Bohai Navy District. Everyone deeply realized the firm ideals and beliefs of the revolutionary ancestors, the revolutionary spirit of incomparable loyalty to the party, and strengthened their determination to follow the party forever. , keep the faith forever”, constantly enhance the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, and achieve “two maintenances”, draw wisdom and strength from the red culture, base on the responsibilities of the post, actively take on the role, and contribute to the promotion of The school’s construction of a domestic first-class university of traditional Chinese medicine has made greater contributions to rural revitalization and high-quality economic and social development.
This free clinic activity is one of the social service brand activities of the school’s united front “Healthy Shandong·Traditional Chinese Medicine”, which aims to give full play to its professional advantages and contribute wisdom and strength to help achieve common prosperity and implement the rural revitalization strategy.

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