Several treatments for swollen legs in middle-aged and elderly people

Many middle-aged and elderly people have swollen calves and swollen feet. They can’t be pitted when pressed lightly with fingers, and they are accompanied by heavy legs, sleepy legs or leg pain.

Western medicine says that there are kidney disease edema, liver cirrhosis edema, some patients may have cardiogenic edema, and some patients may have phlebitis edema.

The treatment of edema in traditional Chinese medicine is generally divided into three types. The effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is generally good. Now I will share it with you

One is kidney-deficiency edema. This kind of leg swelling usually occurs near Sanyinjiao on the inner side of the calf. It is severe in the afternoon and light in the morning, accompanied by backache and backache. Coix seed, angelica, red peony and other treatments, the effect is generally good within seven doses

The second is liver and spleen deficiency edema. This kind of edema can actually be seen on the eyelids, but it is more serious in the calves. I often use liver and spleen for treatment. It works, and it won’t take many days to heal

The third is phlebitis edema. This kind of leg swelling can usually be seen to be blue and dark in the skin color of the calf near Sanyinjiao, and even varicose veins can be seen in the blood vessels. Therefore, the treatment of this kind of edema should use the method of promoting blood circulation and diuresis.

Why the calf is prone to edema, there is a saying in the Internal Classics, the fire means inflammation, and the water means moistening, which means that the flames are all upwards and the water is downwards, and the human body’s calves and feet are the bottom of the human body. Of course, after getting wet It stays in the calf and cannot get out, and edema occurs. The water in a healthy person is distributed throughout the body with the blood circulation. If there is a problem with the blood vessel, such as phlebitis, the blood return is blocked, it will stop on the calf and instep. Therefore, treatment This kind of edema needs medication for a period of time, and the effect is generally good. It is difficult for the elderly to treat it, but it is much better than no treatment.

Reference medicines, coix seed, angelica, chuanxiong, spatholobus, earthworm, earth element, alisma, cassia twig, etc.

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