Selling crazy! “Yunnan Rose Flower Cake” is crispy to the point of falling apart! ¥14.8 grab 12 pieces today!

The beast is out of the cage, the long summer vacation begins

Are you going to take your baby to a place with wind or sea?

Woohoo, as the group leader, I can’t wait to go out and see the world.

Reluctantly, he touched his dry purse. . .

Uh uh uh, keep working!

Although I can’t go to the distant place as the group owner, I still brought you super awesome welfare goods from afar!

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Coupons are limited

first come first served!

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Crispy Pan Xiangji Flower Cake

14.8 yuan 12 pieces

I fell in love with flower cakes after I have been to Yunnan. The local roses picked in the early morning are made with plateau honey. Wouldn’t it be delicious?

Especially the authentic Pan Xiangji, a time-honored brand in Yunnan, locals love to eat it~ I was shocked when I opened it. There are too many stuffings. The fragrant rose fragrance is a bit foul!

Not to mention the stuffing, the skin is delicious, very soft, and the layers can be seen with the naked eye, authentic!Pair it with a cup of Pu’er tea, summer afternoon tea, so comfortable

A piece is only a little over 1 yuan, usually as a gift for girlfriends and friends, no one will praise you for your taste~

Price after coupon: 14.8 yuan

Specifications: 12 packs

The number of coupons is limited, first come first served

Mouth-watering Yunnan Mushroom Soup Dumplings

17.8 yuan 2 packs

From the first rain in June to November every year, it is the time when fungi grow wildly in Yunnan. In the past few months, who in Yunnan has not seen a few villains dancing because of that “fresh” bite?

We chose this one from the mixed mushroom soup bags on the market, those

You know all the delicious mushrooms

Morchella, Russula, Dictyophora, Agaricus Blazei, Boletus, Cordyceps militaris, Tea Tree Mushroom, etc., if you come out of this pot, you can’t lose your eyebrows fresh?

The important thing is, you don’t need to meet villains! The whole family can feel at ease to experience the deliciousness from Caiyunzhinan~

Baozi, who is not familiar with mushroom hot pot, put this code: first soak the mushrooms, then cook the mushroom soup, and then you can rinse the ingredients! Still quite simple~

Let’s go straight to the food star! What umami taste can surpass Yunnan Junzi?

Now 2 bags are only 17.8 yuan after receiving a coupon of 30-20 yuan

well worth it!

Coupon post price: 1

7.8 yuan

Specifications: 1 bag*2

The number of coupons is limited, first come first served

Sweet and sour light prune juice

19.9 yuan for 3 bottles

I have repurchased prune juice countless times…it is cheap and delicious!

The group owner’s refrigerator must be stocked all year round! Sisters must enter!

Each bottle contains 21.24g of dietary fiber, which is approximately equal to 36 large prunes.

Also added 5 major prebiotics, 0 fat, 0 added flavor, 0 added sucrose, 0 added coloring, 0 added preservatives

Prune juice can be drunk directly without adding water! It has a refreshing prune flavor with sweet and sour taste, and it tastes better when it is chilled with ice (but the effect is a bit violent).

The taste is sour, sweet and sour!

A small bottle full of dietary fiber! After eating and drinking, a bottle is smooth and dripping! !

Everyone knows that prune is a super laxative fruit. This prune juice contains 60% of the source juice content, so it goes without saying that it has a laxative effect!

A catty of prunes costs tens of dollars, and three bottles of light prune juice are only 19.9 yuan. Sisters who have constipation needs or want to keep fit after eating and drinking, don’t worry, just go for it!

Price after coupon: 19.9 yuan

Specifications: 180ml*3

The number of coupons is limited, first come first served

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If you are an old fan of Sister Yu, just ask Sister Yu for a link to place an order~

The wind comes from far away, so why not go and see it?

See the world on the road and know yourself on the road.

If you can’t go far

Follow the good things recommended by the group owner to perceive the distance in your heart! There must always be one body and soul on the road~

Finally, we still offer you our order reminder~

Order tips

The prices of the above commodities are affected by various external factors such as activity time & cycle & frequency. If there is any price change, please understand. The final price is subject to the actual payment~

Get the goods as soon as possible after receiving the courier information. If there is any missed delivery or other after-sales, please be sure to

Provide the first time

“Express order goods” in the same frame photo

Talk to the customer service of the merchant.

There are also some areas that cannot be shipped due to remoteness and other reasons. Dear friends, you can consult the customer service or the group owner before placing an order. If you have placed an order, you can communicate with the customer service for a refund or wait for the delayed delivery.

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