Sailun Biology (688163.SH: Chinese patent medicines such as snake pills and folk Chinese herbal medicines are also commonly used in the treatment of snakebite

Gelonghui, July 4丨Some investors asked Sailun Bio (688163.SH): What is the market competition pattern of the company’s antivenom? Is there a competitive relationship between antivenom and Chinese patent medicine?

Sailun Biological Reply: At present, in addition to antivenom, which is a Western medical treatment method in China, Chinese patent medicines such as snake pills and folk Chinese herbal medicines are also commonly used in the treatment of snakebite.

From the perspective of drug efficacy, the pharmacological effect of antivenom is “contains specific antibodies and has the effect of neutralizing the corresponding snake venom”, while the main functions of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine commonly used in snakebite are heat-clearing and detoxifying, diuresis, swelling, and pain relief. , Hemostasis and so on. The therapeutic effects of the two are different.

The “2018 Chinese Snakebite Treatment Expert Consensus” pointed out that “antivenom is the only effective antivenom in the treatment of snakebite poisoning”, traditional Chinese medicine “may have a certain curative effect on mild to moderate poisoning”, ” The sooner the antivenom is administered after the bite, the better the effect, the quicker the recovery, and the better the prognosis.” From the perspective of clinical treatment, under the premise that antivenom products can be selected, antivenom products can guarantee the life safety of patients bitten by poisonous snakes, and are irreplaceable treatment methods in the treatment of snakebite. Traditional Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicines can be used for snakebite adjuvant therapy.

However, there is still a situation that only Chinese patent medicines, Chinese herbal medicines and other traditional Chinese medicines are used to treat poisonous snake bites, mainly due to insufficient promotion of antivenom and lack of relevant first aid knowledge. In recent years, the company is promoting the popularization of clinical scientific treatment standards for snakebite by vigorously promoting the knowledge of standardized treatment of snakebite and carrying out the Sailun 100 snakebite prevention and control project.

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