reverse! Cai Xukun’s real information is suspected to be exposed! The woman is only 14 years old, and many people in the know have voiced their support!

On July 3, Cai Xukun’s affairs ushered in major progress. Cai Xukun announced the reply himself, and pronounced it twice, which reversed the situation!

As soon as Cai Xukun’s news about menstruating girls was released on the eve of the event, it quickly aroused heated discussions on the Internet, and most people didn’t believe it. Some people questioned the cleaning speed of the aunt in the news. According to the workflow of a skilled worker, it would not take that long at all. Some people say that according to normal logic, the more people who know about it, the greater the risk of leakage. If it is really a top-notch hookup, it will definitely not choose this almost aboveboard method.

When she first went to Cai Xukun’s house, she was under 18 years old and only turned 17 years old. Cai Xukun gave him a glass of fruit juice. Whiskey was suspected to have been added to the fruit juice, and he felt a little dizzy after drinking it. In addition, Ms. W also said that Cai Xukun’s father lost a lot of money in gambling, and Cai Xukun himself is very different from the character settings he constructed. This time, Cai Xukun responded quickly to Ms. W’s quality control, saying, “It’s really a slander, the photo is not me!”

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