Reincarnation without a job: I haven’t seen you for many years, why is Sylphy so strong? Mother Bai was originally a bug

In No Job Reincarnation Chapter 0, it can be said to be a detailed description and explanation of Sylphy’s personal response, but many viewers are probably also very curious, feeling that Sylphy’s strength has improved by leaps and bounds, and has improved a lot, and the feeling in the impression It’s not the same. In fact, it’s not that Sylphy is too strong, but that the princess’s entourage is too weak, which sets off Sylphy’s strength. Of course, there is still growth in the positioning of Sylphy’s strength, and it is necessary to talk about it in detail. one time.

Let me talk about a point that many viewers don’t understand, that is why Sylphy is so strong. You must know that she has just experienced a big transfer at this moment, and then came a palm technique that fell from the sky. The wild boar monster, if there is no Sylphy’s blow from the sky, it is estimated that the princess will explain here, it can be seen that the wild boar monster is really not bad.

And then we saw that in the state of 0 equipment and wearing pajamas, facing the kingdom’s well-known assassins, we can do our best to protect the princess from getting hurt, fight back and forth with him, and even fight at the end To achieve anti-kill at the critical moment, I have to say that Sylphy’s strength is really strong.

The explanation is actually very simple, Sylphy theoretically already knows advanced magic at this time, and in the Kingdom of Asla, ordinary advanced magicians are all S-level adventurers, but Sylphy can know no magic tricks. Chanting, directly playing the instant high-level magician, this point Rudy also boasted in the past: Sylphy can continuously hit the magician level of the head of the kingdom’s magician from the trainee magician’s staff.

Moreover, after Rudy left, Sylphy did not neglect training, and kept improving her abilities, so she was definitely strong, and the gold content of non-chanting magic was not generally high. So don’t misunderstand Sylphy’s strength. Mama Bai’s fighting power is quite buggy, mainly because Rudy, the hero, happens to meet people who are all masters, so the audience will understand the world view of ordinary people. There is only a cognitive bias in combat power.

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