Reincarnation or memory inheritance?The Past and Present of Hainan Prodigy Tang Jiangshan

Human beings have always been full of curiosity and exploration about the origin and end of life. Some people believe in reincarnation, some people believe in the immortality of the soul, some people believe in heaven and hell, and some people think that all these are nothingness. However, these beliefs and concepts lack conclusive evidence and can only be judged by personal subjective feelings and experiences. If there is a person who can clearly remember his past life, and even find his relatives and lovers in his previous life, what would you think of him? Do you think he is a magical reincarnation, or a deranged psychopath? Or, would you consider this to be an elaborate hoax, or a coincidence unexplained miracle? The content of this issue will give you an in-depth understanding of this “mysterious past of reincarnated people”.

On November 21, 1976, a boy named Tang Jiangshan was born in Bumo Village, Dongfang City, Hainan Province. His birth process was not smooth. Due to the poverty of the family, his mother could only choose to deliver the baby at home. On the same day, the two stable women made preparations and worked hard to deliver Tang Jiangshan. Just when everyone thought they were done, Tang Jiangshan didn’t cry. Everyone was horrified to find that he was wrapped in a membrane and could not breathe. The Wen women hurriedly tried to tear the film, but found that the film was extremely tough and could not be torn at all. Just when everyone thought Tang Jiangshan would suffocate to death, Tang Jiangshan’s grandfather thought of a simple method. He picked up a fan and slammed it against the film a few times. A miracle happened, the film burst suddenly, Tang Jiangshan finally breathed the air, and cried out. Such a strange scene shocked everyone. The Wen women said that this is a reborn man from heaven, and he must have great fortune and great honor. Tang Jiangshan’s parents are also very grateful that their son survived the disaster. Sure enough, this Tang Jiangshan was really as the neighbors said, he was smart since he was a child. Before the age of 3, they can converse fluently with adults. Many neighbors have praised Tang Jiangshan for his extraordinary talent, and he will definitely be a talent in the future. Tang Jiangshan’s parents also doted on him very much, and they especially cherished him because he almost died when he was born.

However, one day when Tang Jiangshan was three years old, he suddenly said something that surprised his parents. He told his parents that he suddenly remembered something from his previous life. He said that in his previous life, his name was Chen Mingdao, and his family lived in another city by the sea, called Danzhou. He can also tell the names of his family members in his previous life and some past events, and he can also communicate in Danzhou dialect. However, neither of the couple paid much attention to this matter. After all, Tang Jiangshan was only 3 years old at the time, and the words of a 3-year-old child did not attract their attention. However, when Tang Jiangshan was six years old, the memory of his previous life became more detailed. He told his parents that he was born in 1947 in his previous life. In 1967, he died of blood loss due to a conflict with people from the neighboring village. He clearly remembered that he had a birthmark on his chest after being stabbed in his previous life. He also mentioned the specific names of family members and lovers in his previous life. Tang Jiangshan’s parents couldn’t sit still this time. After consideration, they decided to take Tang Jiangshan to Danzhou to see if the actual situation was really as the child said. They took a car and a boat, and finally arrived in Danzhou. How should they find the village Tang Jiangshan mentioned next?

At this time Tang Jiangshan stood up, and he told his parents that he was very familiar with the roads here, and he could even draw a rough map, and the family found a village called Huangyu Village according to the route drawn by Tang Jiangshan. Such a place. After some inquiries, Tang Jiangshan’s parents were shocked. It turned out that there was indeed a man named Chen Mingdao in the village more than ten years ago, and he had passed away. Next, Tang Jiangshan led the way and found his former home all the way. Unexpectedly, his former father still lived there. Tang Jiangshan immediately rushed to hug his father in his previous life. Seeing that the strange child was so enthusiastic about him, the old man Chen seemed at a loss. Then Tang Jiangshan explained that he was Chen Mingdao and was reincarnated in another village after his death. This time he came to visit him specially. Seeing that the old man Chen still couldn’t believe it, Tang Jiangshan told a lot of past events, and finally, the two of them recognized each other. This incident quickly spread in the village, and more and more people came to watch old man Chen and Tang Jiangshan, and Tang Jiangshan was very happy, because basically he knew all the people who came, and he left one by one In the past, when the names of these people were uttered, as well as their past lives and their past events, everyone clapped their hands in amazement in an instant.

There was a woman who looked very old in the crowd. Tang Jiangshan recognized her at a glance. It turned out that she was Chen Mingdao’s girlfriend before his death. Tang Jiangshan walked up to her, recalling some stories that once belonged to only two people. The woman hugged the six-year-old child while crying. This trip to Danzhou also made both the Chen family and the Tang family believe what Tang Jiangshan said. Every time during the holidays, Tang Jiangshan always ran on both sides. Xiao Shou Ling. When the news that Tang Jiangshan had past life memories was spread, many media and experts interviewed and examined him. Some people think it is a phenomenon of reincarnation or memory transfer, some people think it is the result of consciousness inheritance or psychological suggestion, and some people think it is a coincidence or a hoax. A specialized doctor and expert once found Tang Jiangshan and conducted a comprehensive examination on him. But the results showed that Tang Jiangshan was a healthy human being with no problems. He showed no signs of mental illness or brain damage. His birthmark is also a normal physiological phenomenon, and it does not exactly match the place where he was stabbed in his previous life.

Tang Jiangshan told the media that when he was six years old, all the memories of his previous life were recovered. He said that he didn’t care much about his previous life, he just wanted to see if his father in his previous life was doing well. He said that what he loves most now is his current parents, and he also likes his current life very much. When the reporter asked him if he knew how he was reincarnated after death, Tang Jiangshan shook his head and said that he knew nothing about these things. He said that he was just an ordinary kid, nothing special. He said he hoped everyone would stop disturbing him and his family and let them live a peaceful life.

Whether Tang Jiangshan’s story is true or not, there is no conclusive evidence yet. Some believe it is a magical phenomenon of reincarnation, others suspect it is an elaborate hoax. Perhaps, the truth will never be revealed, only left to time and history to judge. What do you think about this! Well, that’s all for this issue, everyone is welcome to actively discuss, thank you for watching.

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