Recommended attractions in Nanjing, Qingliangshan Park#城式号声音指南#

Recommended attractions in Nanjing, Qingliangshan Park #城式号 APP推荐#
Nanjing Qingliangshan Park is located in Qingliangshan in the west of Nanjing City, and is known as the “Seven Dynasties Scenic Spot”. It is a famous historical and cultural park, known as “Urban Mountains and Forests” because of its lush mountains and location in urban areas.

Scenic spots and historical sites can be found everywhere on Qingliang Mountain, such as “Zhumapo”, “Nantang Ancient Well”, “Qingliang Temple”, “Chongzheng Academy” and “Saoyelou”. The plaque of “Deqing Hall” was written by the later master Li Yu himself.

The old collection of Dong Yu’s painting dragon, Li Houzhu’s Bafen script and Li Xiaoyuan’s cursive script are collectively known as the “three wonders” in the temple. There is a well in the temple, named “Bao Daquan”. According to legend, the water from the monk’s well is also known as “Huanyang well”, although the old man’s hair is not gray.

At the southern foot of Qingliang Mountain is the former residence of Gong Xian, a famous patriotic poet and painter in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. The back slope of Qingliang Mountain is the slope where Zhuge Wuhou stayed. According to legend, Zhuge Liang went to Jingkou to talk with Sun Quan in person in order to unite Wu Kangcao. Also” famous saying.

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