Quantum Computing Computers: Disaster or Salvation for the Internet

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Since the birth of the Internet, it has completely changed people’s way of life at an unprecedented speed. However, with the advancement of in-depth scientific research, we humans are about to usher in a new technological leader-quantum computer, whose appearance may subvert our understanding of the Internet. Will such a powerful technology lead to destruction or new life for our Internet world?

This article, by dissecting a study published in the journal Science News, will give us a deeper understanding of the potential impact of quantum computers on the Internet, and how we can combat this seemingly adverse change.

The researchers pointed out that the emergence of quantum computers will pose a major threat to existing Internet security systems. The encryption methods used by traditional Internet security systems mainly rely on the decomposition of large prime numbers, and this process is almost impossible to implement in practice for existing supercomputers. But in a quantum computer, factoring large prime numbers becomes possible by applying principles of quantum mechanics, such as quantum superposition and quantum entanglement.

To verify the computing power of a quantum computer, the researchers used a special algorithm called Shor’s algorithm. The algorithm simplifies the factorization of large prime numbers, a task that quantum computers can complete in minutes, a task that would take classical computers thousands of years. This research shows us the amazing computing power of quantum computers and the potential threat to Internet security.

So, are we just waiting for quantum computers to disrupt our internet world? Of course not, scientists have risen to the challenge and developed a new solution: post-quantum cryptography.

Post-quantum cryptography uses some mathematical problems that are difficult to solve by conventional computers and cannot be easily destroyed by quantum computers, such as elliptic curves on finite fields and the theory of encoding. In this way, even after the emergence of quantum computers, our Internet world can still maintain the existing security defenses.

Entering the era of quantum computers, the challenges we face are also opportunities. Follow our articles and explore this seemingly dangerous but hopeful unknown world together.

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