Qingdao’s largest bathing beach – Shilaoren Beach

Shilaoren Beach is located in the east of Qingdao City and is the largest beach in Qingdao. It is adjacent to the sea world in the south, and the huge stone “Old Man Stone” standing in the sea can be seen in the east. This strange stone resembles an old man sitting in the sea. It is a sea stack landscape formed by wind and wave erosion and impact for thousands of years.Euphonium audio guide

Old Stone’s beach is flat and slow. Many people think that the sea water is clearer than several bathing beaches in the urban area, so many local residents like to swim here. In addition, there are fewer and fewer people here, the air is getting fresher, and the sand is getting finer. It is very pleasant to walk and bask in the sun here. However, in summer, Marginal moss often floats on the surface of the water, slightly affecting swimming. Euphonium APP

There is also the famous International Beer City on Hong Kong East Road not far from the bathing place. Every summer when the Oktoberfest comes, the place is packed with people. You can also come here to enjoy beer, barbecue and seafood, and a roller coaster at night.

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