Qingdao Antique Place – Jimo Ancient City

The ancient city of Jimo, also known as Zhumao City, was built in the Spring and Autumn Period and was abandoned in the 16th year of Kaihuang in the Sui Dynasty. It used to be the capital of Jiaodong and Kangwang City. It is a well-known political, economic and cultural center in the eastern part of Qi State, second only to Linzi at that time.Euphonium audio guide

In “Historical Records”, Su Qin once praised: “Qi has Langya and Jimo.” The old city of Jimo is majestic, rich and prosperous. Euphonium APP

The entire core area of ​​the ancient city integrates ancient culture, special snacks, and exhibition halls, creating the concept of cultural and commercial capital. The project of Jimo Ancient City is mainly to rebuild public buildings such as the county government, exhibition hall, Confucian Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Caishen Temple, Zhenwu Temple, Paifang Street (21 archways), churches, etc. overall pattern.

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