Qin Keqing in “A Dream of Red Mansions” is the last of the twelve gold hairpins…

Qin Keqing in “Dream of Red Mansions” is the last of the twelve gold hairpins. She is the wife of Jia Rong in Ningguo Mansion and Jia Zhen’s daughter-in-law. The book says that Qin Keqing is an abandoned baby brought in by Qin Ye in the Yangshengtang, and Qin Zhong is her younger brother, but they are not real siblings.

The role of Qin Keqing is one of the few to appear on the stage, but one can feel that her status is very high. Moreover, there are countless mysteries about this poor woman who rarely appeared. Her life experience, the reason why she was favored by the Rongning Second Mansion? The grand funeral after her death, why did she and Jia Rong have no children? Why did she die?

It stands to reason that with such a high status in the Ningguo Mansion, they shouldn’t marry an abandoned baby from the Yangshengtang. After all, the article clearly shows that the four major families are married to each other and take care of each other. Not only is Qin Keqing not a member of the four major families, but she is also a wild baby carried by Qin Ye. Moreover, the status of the Qin family is also average, which is completely different from the Ningguo Mansion. But the strange thing is that Jia Rong, the eldest grandson of Jia Jing in the Ningguo Mansion, is supposed to choose a good family for marriage, but unexpectedly, he married an abandoned baby.

It’s nothing more than marrying Qin Keqing. What’s even more puzzling is that no matter whether the Rongguo Mansion or the Ningguo Mansion’s family speaks of Qin Keqing, they all praise Qin Keqing in every possible way. Even Jia’s mother, the most senior, praised Qin Keqing as the most proud of her great-grandson’s daughter-in-law. During Qin Keqing’s illness, Wang Xifeng, who was the housekeeper, also visited many times, and his words were full of love.

In the family, Youshi protected her, Mother Jia cherished her, Wang Xifeng had a deep relationship with her, and often talked to her, and Jia Baoyu also liked her.

After Qin Keqing’s death, during the funeral, Jia Zhen was very sad, and cried and said: “The whole family is big, distant relatives and close friends, who doesn’t know that my daughter-in-law is ten times stronger than my son? Now that I have stretched my legs, it can be seen that there is absolutely nothing in this long house. No one will be destroyed!” In that era when men were superior to women, people always believed that men had a higher status than women, but Jia Zhen, as the head of the family, said after her daughter-in-law died that her daughter-in-law was more important than her son. That is to say, in Jia Zhen’s mind, Qin Keqing’s status is higher than that of her own son.

The book says that in Jia’s mansion, not only the adult servants all have a pair of “rich eyes”, but also the innocent girls and servants also have a pair of “rich eyes”. In a family full of wealth and wealth, why does everyone like this abandoned baby brought from the Yangshengtang?

Also, after Qin Keqing’s death, it was the most solemn funeral in the book, and the scene was very grand. After Qin Keqing’s death, Xue Pan went to offer condolences and found that Jia Zhen was looking for good wood, so he said: “We have a pair of wood in our wood shop. .This was brought by my father back then, and it was originally asked for by Prince Yizhong, Lao Qiansui. Because of something wrong with him, he never took it…”

When Xue Pan ordered someone to carry it up, “When you look at it, you can see that the bottom of the gang is eight inches thick, the pattern is like betel nut, and the taste is like sandalwood musk; when you hold it with your hands, the pendant is like gold and jade…” Just from the description in the text, we will It can be seen how luxurious this coffin is.

The people who participated in the worship include not only the King of Beijing, but also the eunuchs in the palace. According to Qin Keqing’s status, she absolutely does not have this honor. Even her husband Jia Rong and father-in-law Jia Zhen are not qualified for this qualification.

It turns out that according to the research of red scholars, this Qin Keqing was most likely born in the palace, and she is very likely to be the descendant of the deposed prince Yinfeng who was abolished by Kangxi during the Kangxi Dynasty. The reason for her death was not illness, nor was it that she and her father-in-law Jia Zhen’s affair and incest were discovered, and she was so ashamed that she could hardly hang herself. Instead, people in her family rebelled in the Qianlong Dynasty and failed, so she had to commit suicide, and the leader of the rebellion was Yinfeng’s eldest son and Kangxi’s grandson Hongxi.

Everyone knows that after Qianlong came up, he was very dissatisfied with his father’s way of punishing and imprisoning members of the royal family. Therefore, when Qianlong came up, he not only reformed some of his father’s policies, but also imprisoned his father Yongzheng. Almost all the surviving members of the royal family were released, and most of them were given positions, and Hongxi was the beneficiary of it.However, after a long time of good times, malicious intentions arose in his heart. He always felt that his father was the first prince.
and he is the eldest grandson, the throne should have been his own, the longer the time passed, the more vigorously the seed of rebellion grew, and later Hongxi planned a rebellion, but unfortunately failed.

And this Qin Keqing definitely didn’t marry into the Ningguo Mansion out of nowhere, it should be someone from her family, that is, after the accident of the abolished prince, he arranged for her urgently, and fabricated a false identity for Qin Keqing in the following life. Both Qin Keqing and the upper echelons of the Rongning Mansion are aware of Qin Keqing’s identity, so the people in the family take special care of Qin Keqing, love and respect him, which also explains that Qin Keqing, with his humble status in such a big family, has no intentions at all. Causes of inferiority complex.

As a big family, they also need to invest. Therefore, they sent Jia Yuanchun to the palace, and Qin Keqing was the second investment they made. This investment has advantages and disadvantages. If it wins, the whole family will be extremely prominent. If it fails The consequences can be imagined. So even when Cao Xueqin was writing novels, he was extremely careful to cover up this matter.

“Dream of Red Mansions” is a novel written by Cao Xueqin. There are false elements, but more of it comes from reality. “Dynasties, geography, states and countries have been lost and there is no test”, but according to the research of red scholars, the Dream of Red Mansions is about the events of Kang Yongqian and the three dynasties.

In reality, the big family of Ning Rong in the novel is the Cao Yin family of the Kangxi Dynasty. Cao Yin was the official official of the House of Internal Affairs, a minister and imperial merchant during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. When Cao Yin was 16 years old, he entered the palace as the guard of Emperor Kangxi Luan. In the 29th year of Kangxi, he was appointed as Suzhou weaving, and three years later he moved to Jiangning weaving. During Kangxi’s six southern tours, four of them lived in Cao Yin’s house. The Cao family was very popular in the Kangxi Dynasty, and its power reached its peak.

Closer to home, the Cao family’s allegiance to the emperor also represents their allegiance to the prince. And the abolished prince Yinfeng has been the prince for decades. Before he was abolished, he was recognized by everyone as the crown prince, that is, the future emperor!

And the Cao family mainly made their fortune in the hands of Kangxi, and besides being loyal to Kangxi, they must also be loyal to the prince.

Kangxi also liked the prince very much back then, and the ministers he liked would definitely recommend them to the prince. After all, he would die sooner or later. Of course, Kangxi hoped that his capable ministers would also assist his son in the future, so the relationship between the Cao family and the prince is also very important. very good. Another one, the Cao family also has its own selfishness. The current emperor Kangxi will die sooner or later, and the continued prosperity of his family needs to be given by the future emperor, and the future emperor is the current prince. It goes without saying that this big family He is absolutely loyal and obedient to the prince.

Therefore, the crown prince fell and found Ning Rong in the novel to hide his offspring, that is, Qin Keqing. Seeing his former master come to him, it is impossible for Rong and Ning’s two houses not to help with all their strength.

After Qin Keqing’s death, the “old thousand-year-old prince of Yizhong who broke things” sent by Xue Pan did not take the “old thousand-year-old” in the coffin, which is generally used for the title of the prince. Chitose. In the Qianlong Dynasty, the abolished prince Yinfeng should be called “old thousand years old”. So after Qin Keqing died, it was normal and reasonable to use this coffin.

Inferred in this way, all the mysteries on Qin Keqing’s body will be solved easily.

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