Playing with four hands, a feast for the West Garden

Playing with four hands, a feast for the West Garden

Oriental aesthetics is not only the wisdom of life, but also the practice of modern traditions. With the theme of the ink and paper painting “The West Garden Collection” by Li Gonglin in the Song Dynasty, Jinmao Shenzhen JW Marriott Hotel Marriott Chinese Restaurant joined hands with the Beijing Kitchen to present the joint bomb dinner “The West Garden” and reproduce the “West Garden Collection” “Celebrity party scene.

The opening of Cantonese opera calls out the theme of Song style and shows the charm of Lingnan. Chef Huang Zhiwang, the manager of Wanhao Chinese Restaurant, who won the gold medal in the World Chef Competition, and Gu Zhihui, the manager of the Beijing kitchen with one Michelin star and one diamond, jointly presented 7 dishes, paired with a selection of Hennessy VSOP cognac and Hennessy XO cognac Brandy and Hennessy Paradis Cognac, sublimation taste.

The four-handed play presents classic Cantonese cuisine and new Chaozhou cuisine, combining the culinary concept of “not eating from time to time” with Song-style life aesthetics, bringing the taste of Cantonese cuisine with Lingnan style, authentic Cantonese flavor, keeping the integrity and innovating.


Canadian geoduck with white asparagus and seven-year caviar

5J Iberian ham with cinnamon lychee

Chilled Teochew special luncheon fish

Surf Laver Fresh Lotus Seed Wagyu

Strictly select Hunan free-range three-year-old butter chicken and simmer for 6 hours to make a broth, add fresh lotus seeds and Chenghai head water seaweed, paired with fresh imperial concubine mussels and 5A Wagyu beef, the taste is fresh and sweet.

Late Harvest Riesling Glass Tiger Prawns

Slow-cooked 250g deep-sea tiger prawns at low temperature, seasoned with late-harvest Riesling white wine, embellished with molecular foam, the taste is crisp and sweet.

Black Truffle Sauce Lychee Mushroom King Buckle 8 Heads Dried Abalone

Slow-cooked 8 Australian soft-boiled dried abalones, soaked in the traditional baking method to soften the texture, served with old chicken, red meat, Tang steak, ham and other mountain delicacies, served with wine, mixed with Hennessy VSOP cognac, the glutinous fragrance is overflowing, Delicate taste.

Crispy Mindong large yellow croaker with pineapple sauce

Strictly select large yellow croakers from eastern Fujian, boneless and meat, glued by hand by traditional methods, kneaded into fish balls, wrapped in crispy batter and deep-fried until golden and crispy, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, sweet and sour.

Grilled Black-haired Zucchini with Raw Crab Meat

Crab meat with green paste is hand-cooked, selected from Guangdong’s local black-haired zucchini, supplemented with carrots, egg whites and scallops, to feel the freshness and sweetness of crab meat and the summer Cantonese atmosphere

Crystal Sago Mango Almond Jelly

Almonds are soaked in mineral water for 3 hours, squeezed and mixed with milk, cheese, and cream to solidify. The apricot is fragrant, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and smooth in the mouth.

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