Peking University Shougang Hospital and Novartis (China) Biomedical Research Co., Ltd. held a “zero distance” communication meeting

In order to further improve the hospital’s drug clinical trial management level, promote the sustainable and innovative development of drug clinical trial institutions, and implement “service, efficiency, quality, innovation, transformation and integration” into practice, the Clinical Research Institution Office of Peking University Shougang Hospital (hereinafter “Organization Office” for short) establishes a long-term communication mechanism, and regularly invites well-known domestic clinical trial sponsors to come to the hospital for communication and exchange.

On June 27, the Institutional Office and Novartis (China) Biomedical Research Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Novartis Bio) had an in-depth discussion on how to improve institutional operation management and high-quality cooperation. Guan Zhenpeng, vice president of Peking University Shougang Hospital, and Wang Xiaofei, director of Novartis Biotech, were invited to attend the meeting. Ma Liping, director of the organization office, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the Institutional Office shared with Novartis Biologics the operation and management of its own platform, its achievements and development plans. Taking the two clinical trial projects carried out by Novartis at Peking University Shougang Hospital as an entry point, the two sides fully discussed the elements that need further attention and optimization in the operation and management of clinical trials. Novartis Biologics spoke highly of Peking University Shougang Hospital’s institutional clinical trial management system construction and CRC (Clinical Research Coordinator) management, and expected to establish a long-term strategic partnership with the hospital, fully integrate the advantageous resources of both parties, and jointly promote drug clinical trials High-quality development.

At present, the “zero distance” communication meeting has become the link between the institution’s office and the clinical trial sponsor. In recent years, Peking University Shougang Hospital has achieved relatively rapid development in clinical trials, but there is still a certain gap with first-class institutions. The institution office will fully listen to suggestions and opinions from all parties through “zero distance” communication meetings to further improve the hospital. Clinical trial management and service level, build a high-quality service platform for the construction and development of clinical trials.

Text: Zhao Tongxiang/Ma Liping from the organization office

Editor: Party Committee Office

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