Peerless Tangmen: Love Continent is upgraded again, Ning Rongrong’s descendants engage in “Lily”, Brother Tianmeng is crazy

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The Douluo Continent is also called the Love Continent, so there are many enviable loves in it, but in the Peerless Tang Sect, the Love Continent has been upgraded again, it is no longer limited to soul beasts and humans, and even crosses races , across gender, which makes people particularly envious, but it seems that some love is not allowed by parents, such as Ning Rongrong’s descendant Ning Tian, ​​although it sounds like a boy’s name, but she is actually a girl, and her face The value is still very high, and she is also a little lolita. Her appearance ranks very high in the Peerless Tang Sect. After all, she is a descendant of Ning Rongrong, but she and Wu Feng are her best partners in this generation. , the two have a unique relationship, although they are both girls, it does not affect their liking for each other. Responsibility, choosing to jump off a cliff to end life, finally passing the test, changing gender to male after death, and finally getting married with Wu Tian, ​​this love is also quite unique.

In addition, there is the love of Brother Tianmeng. As the first million-year-old soul beast in the Douluo Continent, the only ability of their clan is to live for a long time, and it has a strong auxiliary effect. In fact, they have always been at the bottom, even food for others, but Tianmeng Iceworm has survived with its own wisdom and life-saving means, and he also has a special liking for the Ice Emperor, This is also the love for the scorpion spirit. In the end, Tianmeng Iceworm also fuses with the Ice Empress with its own body. At that moment, they can be together forever.

There is also the golden iron triangle of the Peerless Tang Sect, which is much stronger than Yu Xiaogang and the others. After all, these three are all 99-level peerless Douluo, and Long Xiaoyao and Mu En are both dragon-type martial souls. The attributes of light and darkness, unfortunately, in the end Ye Xishui favored Long Xiaoyao even more. For this reason, Mu En became an old bachelor, which made people feel distressed. Sure enough, if three of them were together, one of them would definitely be left out in the cold. Today’s Mu En En is already 250 years old, and he looks a lot older. Fortunately, his great-great-grandson Thunderbolt Beibei has inherited the martial soul of the Golden Holy Dragon.

There is also Huo Yuhao and Juzi, the love between the two is also very wonderful, you must know that Juzi is a young woman, the queen of the Sun Moon Empire, but after meeting Huo Yuhao, Juzi began to invest in herself, indeed Huo Yuhao treats her very well Heartbroken, Huo Yuhao’s seeds were also taken away in the end. Huo Yuhao actually had an illegitimate child for this reason. As for oranges, Huo Yuhao has always been unable to let go of them. This makes people very uncomfortable. Tang Wutong is also very painful. Fortunately, Tang San stopped everything.

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