Outlaws of the Marsh: The 4 most capable heroes of Liangshan! No. 4 is the most domineering!

Outlaws of the Marsh: The 4 most capable heroes of Liangshan! No. 4 is the most domineering!

When many people talk about the Water Margin, the images of the more than one hundred heroes come to mind. Indeed, Water Margin is very successful as a novel that has created so many characters. However, in this book, there are many people who are called heroes, but there are not many people who are really powerful. Not every so-called hero is very powerful. The only ones who can really fight are the following ones.

The first one to talk about is one of the generals of the Yang family. He is Yang Zhi. We all know his nickname is Blue Faced Beast. He has very good martial arts, and he can even become famous by virtue of martial arts. Yang Zhi’s participation in the martial arts competition has indeed become a turning point in his life trajectory. And he, who had a contest with Lin Chong, was not at all inferior. Everyone knows that although Lin Chong has been tolerant all his life, he is also the instructor of the Imperial Army after all, and his martial arts are definitely not fake. There are really not many people who can compete with Lin Chong without distinguishing between winners and losers!

The second one is Lu Zhishen. As soon as he appeared on the stage, he couldn’t wait to show off his skills. For a gangster like Zhenguanxi, he didn’t take it seriously at all. If he wanted to kill him, he would be able to solve it with three fists. Although there is a kind of recklessness in him, many people feel that he is not meticulous enough. But the so-called reckless man also has real skills, so he dares to be reckless, and he can still live well after being reckless for so long!

The third is Wu Song. Many people think that although he is powerful, his more representative achievement seems to be fighting a tiger. However, many people actually underestimate the power of fighting tigers. Since the battle is against animals, there will be psychological pressure in itself. Coupled with the difference in physical strength, it must be said that this is indeed a very difficult battle. But he did. It might not be easy for him either. But this also shows that he not only possesses physical strength, but also has a very strong psychological quality, and at the same time has extraordinary physical fitness, which is really very powerful.

And he who fought the most domineering battle in Water Margin is also the one we have to mention. This person is Lu Junyi. His one-on-four is definitely a cliché but never a cliché feat. In addition to being able to defeat one person, he was also able to scare off the remaining three with domineering energy. Besides him, who else could do it?

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