Out of the circle with creativity, the Septwolves jacket was on the list of IAI Chuanjian International Advertising Awards

Recently, the winners of the 23rd IAI Chuanjian International Advertising Awards were announced, and the participating case “Exploration at 23.5° North Latitude” selected by the Septwolves Group won the Gold Award for Brand Integrated Marketing. Septwolves’ “Exploration at 23.5°N” focuses on the fashion item of wolf shadow urban functional jacket, and seizes the important marketing nodes in the summer and autumn seasons and September, and spreads around the marketing strategy of “domestic product strength technology crushing”. After the video was launched, it subverted the public’s traditional impression of the spread of men’s jackets. With its creativity, it gained more than 5 million exposures and nearly 200,000 interactions.

The IAI Chuanjian International Advertising Award was founded by the IAI International Advertising Institute in 2000. After 23 years of innovation and development, it has become a well-known comprehensive advertising creativity and brand marketing award selection in China. It is recognized by the industry as a comprehensive and authoritative non-media, The advertising and brand marketing awards for actual combat and with the background of a third-party academy can be called the “Oscars of the advertising industry”. Septwolves’ “Exploration at 23.5° North Latitude” brand integrated marketing project stood out from 3,755 works and cases at home and abroad, which not only means that the continuous innovation of Septwolves in the field of brand marketing has been recognized by the industry, but also further strengthens the confidence and determination of Septwolves in the transformation and upgrading of the brand .

Over the years, Septwolves has adhered to a comprehensive and comprehensive brand service strategy, combined with the new trends in the era of big data, and is committed to creating more marketing projects that are more creative and conducive to brand development. According to the “2022 China Mobile Internet Annual Report” released by QuestMobile, camping, frisbee, and cycling have become popular sports for young people. Based on the insight of target users, Septwolves conveys the benefits of products in multiple scenarios and multiple dimensions through vertical experts, upgrades single-dimensional marketing to multi-level rich experience, binds scenes to occupy minds, and captures user favorability with creativity. “The Exploration of 23.5° North Latitude” runs through the search for the Tropic of Cancer. In China’s most complex and changeable terrain and climate environment, through the interpretation of the clothes of the masters and the scenery with the products, users can understand the seven wolves wolf shadow jacket more intuitively. Unique fabric technology and strong performance strength.

According to the attributes of different social media platforms, Septwolves adopts a differentiated approach to seize users’ minds. In Xiaohongshu, relying on the grass-growing attributes of the platform, we use scene-based clothing as a breakthrough to plant grass in product fashion, creating a sense of wild style clothing and clothing; in Douyin, through hard-core evaluations, we highlight the product’s role in tourism, hiking, and camping. and other outdoor scenes, focusing on product functions and scene atmosphere creation. According to the data, in March 2023, at the Septwolves 2023 autumn and winter new product order meeting, the order of jacket category increased by more than 20%, and the order of double-sided jacket increased by more than 100%.

As a leader in the jacket subdivision of the clothing industry, Septwolves has always focused on multiple scenarios such as commuting administration, fashion, and leisure sports with a pragmatic and innovative attitude, tapped the diversified needs of consumers, and successively launched cool-feeling jackets, breathable water-repellent jackets, etc. Explosive products such as functional jackets, double-sided jackets that can be worn multiple times, and urban functional jackets that integrate the four major functions of water-repellent, windproof, warm-keeping, and anti-static, meet consumers’ wearing needs in different life scenarios throughout the year . This year, Septwolves started a comprehensive transformation and upgrading, and centered on the core positioning of the brand “Septwolves Jacket Expert”, it sought new breakthroughs in product development, technology upgrading, and marketing circle breaking. In terms of marketing, Septwolves is also keeping up with changes in consumption trends, constantly exploring the best context for brand communication with target consumers, and implementing brand renewal in an all-round way.

With emotion and value experience as the core, Septwolves Group digs deep into consumer behavior data and needs, constantly innovates and upgrades marketing methods, and conducts integrated marketing of brands from multiple dimensions such as new technologies, new methods, and new communication, so as to reach consumers more three-dimensionally. Further promote brand growth and expand brand value.

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