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Ever since I fell in love with reading, I love to find good books to read one by one. Pay attention to the good books around you. I regard my uncle as a book, and I especially want to read it. I started secretly reading five years ago. “Stealing books is not stealing.” It is not easy to read a book, it is even more difficult to understand the truth thoroughly, and it is even more difficult to comprehend and do it. Don’t be ashamed to ask. It is a lifelong regret to think that it is a good book and not to try to read it.

Uncle, not my kiss, is ranked according to seniority in the village, more precisely in concept, but he is indeed uncle. Why is it called dear, true, sweet, and fragrant? Uncle is capable and puts up the airs.

In my opinion, the fate arranged for my uncle is particularly unfair, but my uncle can just follow the trend and be a wise, strong, and winner who “obeys orders”. He deduces the absolute injustice in the world into a wonderful rhyme of labor, which is moving and inspiring.

Uncle is addicted to learning

A caring person wrote and published the article “Here is a Love Aid Society”. Judging from his statistics, my uncle has accumulated donations for the Love Aid Society, ranking first in donations from caring people, and is far ahead.

“My dad doesn’t pamper us to eat and drink, but he really cares about our studies, engraved in his bones.” “My dad is most willing to let us study.” That’s what I specially communicated with my uncle’s eldest son At that time, his nature was sincerely moved.

The uncle raised two sons, and the eldest ran his own company after returning from studying abroad. The eldest daughter-in-law has a postgraduate degree and worked in a university after graduation.

On the day when the boss got married and had a wedding, there were many guests and friends from far and near, and I personally witnessed the festive grandeur of the scene. When the uncle blessed the couple, he hoped that they would continue to learn and improve themselves, and he also told them that they must cherish the good times, train and educate their offspring to go to school and study hard. Although it was a lifelong event for his children, the uncle still had high hopes.

I remember one time when some fellow villagers wanted to get together, and my uncle, as one of the elites in his hometown, was the only one who asked for leave to be absent. Because it happened that he was sending his children to school that day. In my uncle’s view, no matter how big the matter is, it is not as big as sending the children to school.

My uncle’s youngest son has graduated from university. Whether it is starting a business, continuing to study in graduate school, studying for a Ph. D., or preparing for a civil service exam… No matter how hard the child is, how far his vision is, my uncle will fully support the child without hesitation.

Whether it is for his own children to go to school, or to help outstanding students in the village, the uncle has given the best answers with practical actions. The uncle who loves students in the village donates the most, but he has never participated in the annual ceremony.

There are two things in life that cannot wait, study and filial piety. But for my uncle, these two incidents were precisely his fatal injuries. This kind of pain became his heart knot, and then he turned his heart knot into love and strength, dedicating his sincerity without complaint or regret.

Uncle has successfully completed the free education stage, junior high school is going to be promoted to high school, a poor family, and a hard-working mother, even if she digs three feet, she can only scrape together 5 yuan in change, facing the “sky price” of 17 yuan to enter junior high school The tuition fee, my uncle no longer had the heart to look at his mother’s tearful eyes, decided to drop out of school, and threw himself into the society. It was the 17 yuan that forced my uncle to stay out of high school, completely deprived him of the right to continue studying, and forced him to change the way of survival and the course of his life. From then on, the uncle is no longer a student child, but “Xintianyou”. Being addicted to learning has become my uncle’s eternal pursuit of dreams.

Uncle is obsessed with filial piety

In my memory, my uncle’s mother was single and thin, black and thin, with long braided black hair, always wearing clothes that could only cover her body, carrying two buckets of water on her shoulders and struggling to move forward step by step. Walking peasant women.

After more than 40 years, when I inquired all the way, I saw her again in the spacious and bright building where my uncle and mother lived in the county seat. The 80-year-old uncle has silver hair and ears, is hale and hearty, clear in thinking, well-dressed, white and rich. During the more than an hour of homework with the old uncle, she first talked about eating pork and tofu that I gave to the old people in the village, and then she always praised how filial her uncle was to her.

“I’ve been living here for many years. When your uncle just got a fortune, the first big thing he did was to buy this house and let me live here and enjoy myself.”

The old aunt naturally opened up the chatter box like a few treasures: Thinking about it now, the hardships and sins of my youth were not in vain, and the sins were not in vain. All the children know that they love me and are filial to me.

When it comes to the old uncle’s current health, the old uncle’s eyes are moist: Tie Zai, you don’t know, I also took my life back, if it wasn’t for your uncle who made up his mind to treat me, I am long gone.

That year, my uncle’s mother suffered from a chest tumor and needed major surgery. At that time, the uncle who had not yet “made a fortune” did not hesitate at all when faced with a treatment fee of more than 100,000 yuan. Facing my mother with a smile, I worked hard behind my back to collect money, and went back and forth to Xi’an several times. After more than a year, my mother’s illness was finally cured.

“The money the children spent following my illness can cover me with layers.” These are the words from the heart of the old uncle wiping away tears.

These years, my uncle has been doing big things, always busy day and night, no matter how busy he is, his feelings of filial piety to his mother have not faded a drop. The mother is the lifeblood of the uncle, and only by letting the mother enjoy more can he feel at ease and have no complaints or regrets.

“Sometimes he would come to see me in the middle of the night and talk to me, and then he had to leave again at dawn.” A smile gradually appeared on the face of the old uncle.

It was my uncle who brought the topic back to the day when I left the village as a soldier: on the morning when you left the village as a soldier, you wore a military uniform and came to my house to kowtow to your uncle and burn incense. I will always remember this thing.

I slowly remembered. The day before I left as a soldier at the age of 17, my uncle borrowed soil to fill the cattle pen, and was buried in the soil due to a landslide, and unfortunately died suddenly.

The man is the sky, the woman is the earth; the man is the mountain, the woman is the water; the father is the backer, the mother is the courage; the father is the giant, and the mother is the majestic teacher. The sky suddenly collapsed, and the mountain collapsed in an instant. Objectively, mother and child have no choice but to depend on each other and live like years.

There are five uncles and sisters, the oldest is the same age as me, the youngest was only 2 years old at that time, and my uncle was 10 years old that year.

The father’s sudden departure, the mother’s difficulties can be imagined, and the life of the family can be imagined. No matter how big the mother’s wings are, it is difficult to protect them from the wind and rain.

“The sea is wide enough for fish to swim, and the sky is high for birds to fly”. Although my uncle’s sisters are cared for by their mother in every possible way, they have to run around to make a living.

One hundred good teachings come first. If dropping out of school changed the fate of my uncle, then performing filial piety is the great love written by my uncle.

When I came out of my uncle and mother’s house, I was full of thoughts.

Uncle is addicted to work

My uncle was 14 years old when he went to work in the mine. After graduating from junior high school, he took a few dollars from his mother and left his hometown, embarking on the road of making a living with no retreat.

When it comes to mines, I’m a “deserter” there. That year, I applied to a private mine as an assistant to the mine manager, in charge of the management of No. 100 people. After staying for nearly half a year, I chose to resign. It’s not that the boss doesn’t value us, or that he treats us poorly. In the huge mining area, there are bad news and misfortunes every day. As someone with a way out, I finally declined the boss’s request for my own safety.

I have a way out, but my uncle doesn’t. Life and death, success or failure, honor or disgrace, are closely related to mines. The road is gone, the line is chosen, and the bet is placed, there is no room for choice.

“He went to work in the mine. He didn’t wear cotton trousers in winter, and he wore out 5 pairs of shoes a month.” I ran as hard as I could, and when I got home, the money was still there, the shoes on my feet were gone, and the soles of my feet were full of blood.” Every word and every sentence of the old uncle made people feel distressed.

My uncle went to the cave at the age of 14 to be absent from work, and endured hardships until he was in his 20s. Year after year, year after year of labor, blood and tears flowed out an immortal soul; humiliation forged infinite tenacity; disaster sharpened a strong will ; The annual rings precipitate refined wisdom.

There are times when hardships and hardships come, and blessings come when all hardships are gone. Uncle’s “times come and go” is because he met a “noble man”. That year, the head of a department in Weinan at the time took a fancy to my uncle’s talents, so he found him some work in the mines. And then it was “out of control”. Later, my uncle basically took mining as his business. The nobleman is also the benefactor of the uncle, and he has been looking for repayment all these years.

Why did my uncle meet a “noble man”? Because my uncle is valuable, it is possible to meet a valuable person. Can you swim without choking? Can walk without wrestling? Can you be expensive without practicing?

History has created my special identity, and I can “hang up and down couplets”, communicate with people above, and have heart-to-heart conversations with people below, so I can recognize my uncle more objectively. The people above often praise uncle: he has a clear mind and grasps the big things well. The following people often praise uncle: he is really hardworking, and he is a tough guy.

Once, I received a call from my uncle: Tie Zai, you go to talk with a boss of our company who is in charge of infrastructure in the afternoon, mainly with him… time, place, vehicle, phone number, contact person, talk about things The purpose to be achieved, etc., there is no waste of words. After answering the phone, I admired my uncle’s rigor from the bottom of my heart; I dared to call my uncle to report to my uncle after I finished the work and made a draft, for fear that he would make a joke.

Tens of millions of dollars were spent to build a well-equipped and first-class farmer’s market in the county. This is a great practical and good thing that my uncle has done for hundreds of thousands of folks in his hometown. The uncle wrote his love for his hometown and his hometown with his actions.

People say that uncle “has a lot of money”. More or less, it’s all because of my uncle’s hard work. It has been proved that my uncle is a person who keeps his original intention in mind and moves forward bravely.

Know the “Tao”, enter the “Tao”, cultivate the “Tao”, and keep the “Tao”. God knows the way and will help. So it’s not a miracle that uncle can accomplish something big, it’s his inevitability.

The way of heaven loves people unyieldingly. In this life, I seek to repay my kindness, shed tears and blood on the road to happiness, and the soul of my hometown melts into a party member!

For the mother’s smile, the harvest of life is written. When you are poor, you suffer, but when you are rich, you are responsible. Love of learning is the origin of men. Love of filial piety is the duty of a man. Hobbies, what a man is capable of.

My uncle is 7 years younger than me. When I open Uncle’s book, I will always secretly read it with my heart.

[Introduction to the author]Zhou Tiezai (male), born in Lushi County, Henan Province, joined the army for 23 years, and was destined to be a soldier for half his life. One day in May 2006, I suddenly wanted to record some life feelings in words, so I did so, and I enjoyed it and shared it with my friends.

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