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Recently, a double lotus blossomed in the lotus pond on the west side of Daming Lake in Jinan, and many citizens took pictures on the spot. Bingdilian is endowed with a beautiful meaning, known as the “gentleman among flowers”. Bingdi lotus blooms, good luck will come naturally, come and receive good luck together!

The Diaoyutai Reservoir in Changqing, Jinan is backed by the famous Wufeng Mountain Scenic Area, surrounded by mountains, with green mountains and green hills, and the water surface is as blue as a mirror. The scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. It is a good place for leisure and entertainment in summer.

In the hot summer, the waterside has become a good place for people to spend their summer. On weekends, the Jinya Scenic Area on the outskirts of Jinan has become a popular spot for citizens to check in. People play in the shallow water area and enjoy the summer coolness.

On July 4th, congratulations to the intelligence agent “Fei Ge Photography”, the intelligence agent “Fishing Master 007”, and the intelligence agent “Sunshine Xiake” whose photographic works were published on the user interactive version of “One Point Calendar” and won the C-position display!

At the same time, the user-interactive version of Yidian Calendar is still in hot collection

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[Participation method]: Through the “Qilu Yidian” APP, participate in the topic #一点历史Photography Works Collection, Red Envelope Good Gift Waiting for You# on the information station to send works and detailed introductions (1) shooting location (2) shooting scene (3) Shooting month date (4) work description is enough.

Note: The work must be my own original work, and the photographer and Qilu Evening News and Qilu Yidian share the copyright of all submitted works

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