Not only is there a son-in-law, but there is also a son-in-law with a limited number of years! “Elegant Jiangnan” reinterprets the love myth of Duan Sheng and Zhao Mengfu

A history of painting and calligraphy, half in Huzhou.

This is the birthplace of Hubi, the first of the four treasures of the study. The unique name of the boat in Huzhou, “Bifang”, was written by Wu Chengen, the magistrate of Changxing County, in the opening chapter of “Changxing Zuo”.

This is the “beautiful place in the south of the Yangtze River” that Su Shi dreamed of. He and his cousin Wen Tong created the “Huzhou Bamboo School” here, opening the door to Chinese literati painting;

This is also the place where the love of “Guan Zhao Fengliu” took place. It has witnessed how the two put their “Longqing” in calligraphy and became a model of ideal marriage for Chinese literati.

At 21:10 tonight, Baisui Mountain “Swen Jiangnan” jointly produced by Dragon TV and Pumpkin Vision will enter Huzhou, Zhejiang. In the 2012 Zhang Jizhong version of “Journey to the West”, Wu Yue, who played Sun Wukong, reproduced the classics of gods, demons and ghosts; Tang Yan, who will star in the upcoming TV series “Flowers”, will affectionately interpret the life of the talented girl Guan Sheng. There is also the actor Chen Long, who read together with the host Cao Kefan and cultural guests Han Tianlu and Huang Xiaodan to explain why Huzhou is Qingyuan.

01-year-old son-in-law Zhao Mengfu

“The idol of a female poet is Xie Daoyun, the idol of a female calligrapher is Mrs. Wei, and the idol of a female painter is Guan Guansheng.” A sentence from Huang Xiaodan, an associate professor at the School of Humanities, Jiangnan University, unlocked the first cultural sage of this issue of “Sweet Jiangnan”, Guan Guan Lift. In Tang Yan’s view, Duan Sheng is a “big heroine”, “Just like Xiao Yanyan, who I played in “Yan Yuntai”, Duan Sheng is also very smart, bold, and considerate of the overall situation.”

Guan Guansheng was good at painting bamboo. Her husband Zhao Mengfu, a master of calligraphy and painting, praised her for “poetry without learning poetry, painting without learning painting, and those who get it from nature”. At the same time, she is also a good mother and wife. When Zhao Mengfu was traveling abroad, Guan Guansheng carefully taught his children and cultivated seven great painters in his three generations; when Zhao Mengfu was bored in the officialdom, Guan Guansheng sent “Two Poems of the Fisherman” to comfort him, euphemistically reminding his husband to retire early go home.

“The marriage between the older youth Zhao Mengfu and Dao Guansheng is actually a uxorilocal marriage?” the host Cao Kefan asked. Han Tianlu, a professor at the School of Liberal Arts of Hebei University, gave a possibility: Zhao Mengfu has a high probability of being a son-in-law with a limited number of years. “Set a time limit for marriage, and children born within this period will follow their maiden’s surname, and then follow their own surname.”

Everyone knows “Wo Nong Ci”, “I have you in the mud, and you have me in the mud. I was born in the same quilt as you, and died in the same coffin.” Behind such a love vow, there is something Guan Zhao and his wife have to face Controversy: Has Zhao Mengfu really changed his mind?

“Writers in the Ming and Qing Dynasties sometimes wrote dramas, using the mouths of characters to add insights, but it was not true.” Professor Huang Xiaodan further explained: “There is actually no evidence for Zhao Mengfu’s change of heart in the legend, but there is evidence for his affection. “Two Books” in the National Palace Museum, Taipei.”

02 Writing novels in ancient times is a very shameful thing

“Journey to the West” is believed to be the memory of many people, and it is also the first of the four great classics that most people first come into contact with. The compassionate Tang Seng, the supernatural Monkey King, the delicious and funny Zhu Bajie, and the loyal and diligent Sand Monk have accompanied generations of people, and every time they talk about it, they always make people smile. “When I was a child watching the 86 TV series “Journey to the West”, I felt scared and wanted to look down. Spider spirits would spin silk from their belly buttons, centipede spirits were covered with eyes, and mouse spirits had long nails… no matter how old these fairies are Terrible, Sun Wukong will use his resourcefulness and strength to defeat them.” Actor Tang Yan recalled.

After watching “Journey to the West” countless times, there are actually many questions that I still can’t figure out, such as what kind of stone was born by Monkey King? The author didn’t say it, but in Zhang Jizhong’s version of “Journey to the West”, the actor Wu Yue appeared in the image of “Jade Monkey”, crystal clear. Professor Han Tianlu agrees with this deduction, “Sun Wukong’s breed is ‘Lingming Stone Monkey’. In traditional Chinese cultural expressions, there is only jade psychic.”

Who on earth created such a grand world of gods and demons? Mr. Hu Shi and Mr. Lu Xun thought it was Wu Chengen, but there is still controversy. “In ancient times, praising a literati would call him a poet, and writing novels was often considered a shameful thing. Therefore, among the six major Chinese classics, only the author of “The Scholars” is certain, and the others are doubtful.” Han Professor Tianlu said.

Wu Chengen once said in “The Preface to Yu Ding Zhi” that he was interested in anecdotes and strange things when he was a child, and he collected wild history and legends everywhere when he grew up, and he had the idea of ​​creating ghosts when he was in his prime. Moreover, in the view of Professor Han Tianlu, Wu Chengen is humorous and humorous, which seems to reflect the lively and witty language style of “Journey to the West”. “It is said in “The Collection of Ancient and Modern Books” that Shen Kun, the number one scholar in Huai’an, once asked Guan Gong for examination questions before the scientific examination. Wu Chengen wanted to tease his friends, so he wrote a few difficult questions and put them under the portrait of Guan Gong. Unexpectedly, he hit the examination questions. Shen Kun High School Champion.”

Collect the Que Wen of hundreds of generations, and collect the rhymes left over from thousands of years. More highlights can be found in “Swen Jiangnan” jointly produced by Dragon TV and Pumpkin Vision. Tonight at 21:10 on Dragon TV, pay tribute to the era of flying, listen to the local accent of culture, and unlock the splendor of life aesthetics.


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