News/Wu Kequn confirmed the breakup with Chen Yu’an! The reason for the 5-year breakup was exposed

Reporter Weng Zihan / Report from Taipei

Singer Wu Kequn has been dating actress Chen Yu’an, who is 13 years younger than him, for many years. The woman accompanied him through life troughs such as the death of his mother and the failure of filming. He also wrote “Abstract” and gave it to Chen Yu’an. At the Rolling Stone press conference, they admitted without warning: “We have already separated during the Chinese New Year.” The breakup shock bomb was thrown, confirming that the 5-year relationship has come to an end, which surprised the scene.

▲▼Wu Kequn joined the Rolling Stones press conference. (Photo/photographed by reporter Zhou Chengen)

Wu Kequn recently released the brainwashing divine song “Time Machine”, which emits dopamine to convey happiness, but when asked about his relationship status, he first played Tai Chi and said: “We have always wanted to keep a low profile.” Then he said frankly: “We have separated during the Chinese New Year! “Then explained: “Since the recording of “Brother Overcoming Thorns and Thorns”, we have less gatherings and more separation. Now we are the best friends in the world, and we will still keep in touch. Everything is ok.” And he kept emphasizing: “We are very good friends.”

Was it a pity that the woman accompanied him through the ups and downs? Wu Kequn said optimistically: “At least the two of us are very comfortable getting along now, and we will still share fun and beautiful things with each other.” He said that he still believes in love, “But we still have to meet. I am not young now. If we want to meet It’s not easy to get the right fit.”

Although his relationship failed, his career was flourishing. He recently joined Rolling Stone Records. Wu Kequn described it as a dream come true. It turned out that he sent demo cassettes in high school and signed up for a part-time job, but he was shot: “When I was 18, I finished my studies before coming back. Let’s do it!” Now it’s finally come true.

He revealed that before his mother passed away in 2018, he was busy with filming and visiting patients. “At that time, I was very anxious. The next day I made up for a shoot, and found a gray hair in the middle of my hair. It turns out that people will really grow old overnight.” Wu Kequn looks forward to “Time Machine” Can convey his greatest wish: “I hope that this song will make people who listen to it carefree, laugh happily, jump around until they fall asleep.” Next, he will “launch a new song a week”, and it is expected that The new album “Today is OK” was released in September, Wu Kequn said with a smile: “The song hasn’t been recorded yet but the album title has already been decided.”

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