Nadia’s horoscope for the week from July 3rd to July 9th

Original: Nadia (NADIA)

Translated by: @Chaldean Chaldean

For fortune, please refer to the sun and rising constellation

【Aries】Translator: @面密要KAI心

During the week of July 3-9, you will experience surprises. They can arise as a result of unexpected events related to travel or with a person from another populated area.

This will be a good week for travel, planning and preparation for travel in the weeks ahead.

This week, many of you will attend a gathering related to a person from your circle of relatives or friends.

An unexpected family separation or family drama from a relative or friend can put you in a situation where you don’t know how to react.

During the week, you will have successful financial actions that will bring you stability, independence or better income.

The week will be favorable for receiving money, settling financial agreements, documents and more.

This week, you will have to think and plan commitments related to a young person in your family who will be in great need of help, support or advice.

This week will be favorable for preparing for pregnancy, and some people will have to make decisions related to future parenthood.

This will be an important week for those who want to lay the groundwork for important things in life: a new job, business, love, family, children and more.

Young Aries will have a strong professional week, especially with activities related to education, career, public speaking and more. Adversity can be overcome this week, mainly related to your family affairs.

Aries men will wait for the decision of a close person on an important issue in the family. You will have meetings or gatherings on various occasions, mostly related to your circle of relatives.

Aries women will make some commitments that will have a short but strong impact. During the various meetings this week, you will learn a lot of new things about people you know. There may be a visit because of some documents or contracts.

【Taurus】Translator: Tong Ying

During the week of July 3-9 you will experience difficult moments that will affect your family, friendships or professional relationships. Misunderstandings or intolerance are prone to occur due to lack of patience.

During these seven days your past mistakes, unfulfilled promises or other hasty actions will be factors that invite surprises.

My advice is not to make big plans this week. Please try to calmly and patiently pay attention to what is going on these days.

This week, you will have special expectations (hopefully) about a person who lives in the same town as you, and something will materialize in your favor.

The week may become more complicated for those born under the sign of Taurus who will be dealing with legal cases or commitments related to other representatives of the national administration.

During the week you will focus on the healing or psychotherapy of a relative or friend.

During the week you will have discussions with people close to you about troubles in the life of a relative or close friend.

Although you have many worries or fears about the future, you are sure to overcome them successfully and have a productive week.

Young Taurus will face some unexpected loss, failure, separation or unpleasant news. You will face various trials this week, none of which happen by accident, and you must take them seriously and find their meaning in your life.

Taurus women will be surprised by the behavior of those who react unpredictablely in unexpected situations. You will be surprised by the words or decisions of a girl or a young woman who may be your daughter, relative or friend.

Taurus men will have strong but erratic emotions that can quickly turn in different directions. This can trigger moments of instability in their weekly routine. Care will be required when looking for a solution to a problem related to a woman, especially if the problem is related to your family or love life.

【Gemini】Translator: @清风 no longer passers-by is hard to stay

During the week of July 3-9, Gemini will experience some separation from a family member or friend. Causes are related to various conditions or reasons in their life.

During the week, avoid gatherings at home. Organize outside if necessary. Don’t burden yourself with things that leave you feeling tired and drained afterwards.

This week, your expectations will rarely come true according to your plans. This applies especially to your plans involving your household budget or your business.

You may have unexpected expenses or payments that you should have avoided.

During the week you will be pleased with a conversation or plan with a woman, which will have interesting developments for your future.

The week will be remembered by various pleasant emotions and events related to children or young people. News about a pregnancy or new mother will please you.

Young Geminis will be in high spirits most of the week. The reasons vary from person to person and have to do with the happy unfolding of important events.

Gemini men will look for a practical solution to a complicated situation related to a relative. This week will bring a natural conclusion to some of your relationships, commitments or plans.

Gemini will have a favorable week for conception or childbirth, if you have such expectations for yourself or a loved one. An unexpected separation or unexpected bad news cannot be ruled out this week.

【Cancer】Translator: @Cecilia小果

During the week of July 3-9, you will be involved in various events related to travel or people in a densely populated area.

You will have a favorable time to travel, but most Cancerians prefer to stay where they live or avoid long-distance travel.

Be careful with your spending this week and do not rely on the money you should have received during this time. Various delays, delays or other difficulties may arise in this regard.

During the week, you will experience different emotions at home. There will be many reasons, and there is no need to look for them. For some of you, this week will be impressive with new purchases at home.

During these seven days, you will meet and come into contact with various people who will share with you useful and interesting information, travel impressions and more.

Many will have to arrange an important document that cannot be delayed.

At this time, young Cancer men and women can desire or achieve what they consider important to them. This can create unnecessary tension and conflict with those around you.

Cancer men have the opportunity to have a successful week financially, but avoid impulsive purchases of items you don’t need right now. During the week, your younger relatives or male friends will be your occasion for lively conversations, parties or other events.

Cancer women will have more professional or business responsibilities, especially when working with women. This will most likely be a trip you take with other family members or friends.

【Leo】Translator: @火火星星

The week of July 3-9 will bring intense emotional experiences. They not only leave you with a special memory, but also teach you something useful for the future.

You may experience heartbreak or disappointment with someone you know.

Many Leos will be looking forward to a conversation related to the future of a child or relative, an activity that relies heavily on the support of other family members.

This week you may be disturbed by news about someone you know, including drama or developments in people’s lives.

During these seven days, you may be happy to receive a gift with special intentions or gratitude for a close friend.

During the week you will receive proposals, documents, invitations or other information important to your professional life.

Young Leos will create interesting and useful friendships, and acquaintances will develop in the future. They have a positive influence on your plans and goals in life. You are about to make an important decision that involves in some way a person you have recently met.

Leo women will encounter people who will make them doubt their behavior or the way they communicate.

This week your enemies will have the most charming smiles. You will discuss and make decisions related to family property or possessions.

Leo men will be overwhelmed by some domestic tasks on which they depend on their parents, wife, sister or brother. This will be a favorable week if you want to buy or sell something in particular.

【Virgo】Translator: @Don’t look for her and go away

During the week of July 3-9 your patience will be challenged by various people who will try to manipulate or demean you with hasty or thoughtless actions and comments. They want to force you to do something that you don’t like or care about, and it will seriously test your relationship.

A more rational acceptance of events and serious self-control over your emotions will help you a lot this week.

The meaning of this week for you is to make you ambitious or stimulate you to a period of vivid personal and spiritual growth.

During the week, you will visit a doctor for consultation or to care for the health of a close relative.

The week will be favorable for travel and the development of personal, family or professional relationships with someone near or far.

You will meet with friends or a relative on an important occasion. In some cases this may be a reason for travel, mainly of course on short distance trips.

The week will bring financial income or receive news related to money.

Some of you will remember this week for luck and unexpected profits. However, avoid fantasies associated with lotteries, casinos, etc.

Conflicts this week will be brief but very emotional, although they will pass quickly. But this can also lead to the need to make unexpected decisions.

During these seven days, young Virgos will have to be very careful because they may miss an important opportunity. You will be looking forward to a party or meeting. A new friendship with a certain girl will bring life to your everyday life.

Virgo men will remember a love or intimate experience, flirt or meet an old love, etc. During the week, you will be surprised to see a certain meeting or experience related to a woman. During these seven days, you will not lack for luck, but be careful how you use it.

Virgo women will spend more time and energy on various family or household affairs. Events from the past will unexpectedly remind you of yourself.

【Libra】Translator: @空旅不文艺

During the week of July 3-9, you will have contracts related to various important financial matters. They could be signs of worry, additional urgent commitments, reasons to meet and talk with certain people, and so on.

In general, this week you will need to be more careful with money. This is especially important if you need to sign financial documents, loan agreements, etc.

On the work front, you will be able to find solutions to old problems with colleagues, clients or partners.

During the week you will have the opportunity to realize an idea or project to which you have previously invested time or resources.

You will be developing a favorable goal, and in order to achieve it, you will have to overcome some obstacles.

Your financial stability this week will depend entirely on your initial spending plans for this week.

There may be an unplanned expense related to a family member this week.

In love relationships, you will encounter unexpected situations. This also applies if your partner is currently living or working in another city.

If you are planning a trip related to a loved one, some misunderstandings may occur.

In your family, you follow and comment on problems in a friend’s life.

What happens in their lives won’t surprise you. You think their recent wrongdoings and decisions will have similar consequences.

Libra young people will be eager to realize their desires, which can easily involve them in various conflicts. During the week, you will receive unexpected rejections and opposition as you look for opportunities to realize your wishes.

Libra men will be surprised by the development of some of their personal plans or relationships. Emotional conflicts this week can completely destroy an old relationship.

Libra women should be cautious and rational in their words and actions, because they can easily lose what is important to them this week. Your health may also require some care or treatment.

[Scorpio]Translator: @Cecilia 小枪

Avoid planning for the future the week of July 3-9. Things are in front of you and they will change certain circumstances in your life.

This week, avoid commitments and don’t get excited about attractive income.

A gift or a business acquisition might surprise you this week.

Loved ones are important to you, and you try to be kind and gracious to them.

This week, you will receive a surprise that will connect you with someone from your circle of relatives or close friends, no matter where they currently live.

During these seven days you will have important commitments and contacts with people from government, banking or legal institutions.

You may suddenly have to go to the house of a relative or friend.

Something that happens this week will create greater worry or tension, uncertainty or fear about its development.

Anxiety related to the health of a loved one may arise.

If emotional problems have arisen in your life this week, it will be the result of your recent decisions or actions.

Young Scorpio men and women will form and develop friendships. You have a hard time staying in one place and exercise will be your natural way of life. During the week, you will be surprised by the attitude or behavior of a woman towards you.

Scorpio men will deal with documents or paperwork related to work, family matters or business. During the week, unpleasant news or experiences related to women will be impressive.

Scorpio women will be very optimistic about the development of their personal or professional plans. For various reasons, you are about to break up with someone you enjoy communicating with.

【Sagittarius】Translator: @一一老师 doesn’t want to open

From July 3rd to 9th, Sagittarius may be moved to tears, or it may be that someone who often contacts in daily life hurts you with a negative and rude attitude. This can happen at home, or at work.

Try to avoid conflict this week. Because you will doubt the cause of the conflict, and it is difficult to predict the direction of the development of things.

Sagittarius will be delighted this week with news and conversations related to travel or people in a different place.

You may receive travel invitations and discuss future reunions with distant friends.

Beware of being the target of lies at work, or being manipulated by disinformation in any public political campaign. Even if the activities themselves are successful, the consequences can still be unpleasant or cost you if you don’t get out unscathed.

This week, Sagittarius, be realistic and sensitive in matters related to money. Be careful with finances, bank paper work or affairs.

In terms of relationships, Sagittarius may indulge in the past, or fantasize about the future unrealistically. Do not disconnect from reality or current relationships.

This week, there may be news from an old love or dewy relationship from the past.

Young Sagittarius, don’t resort to gimmicks to fulfill your desires or whims. When you do these things, trouble will follow. This week, the possibility of cutting off contact with friends and colleagues due to various life reasons cannot be ruled out.

Sagittarius men should pay more attention to health problems, especially those related to tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Any illness must be taken seriously. This week requires you to reorganize and re-plan some things.

Sagittarius women will have the opportunity to travel or implement their own plans related to people or institutions from another city or country. There will be good development of plans related to the home.

【Capricorn】Translator: @Chris3206

From July 3 to 9, you will be attracted by various news or events related to relatives.

This week new friends will be made and the development of your business contacts will bring you interesting experiences and knowledge.

This week will be important for your professional development or education.

For many of you, a new promotion opportunity will arise, but you may have difficulties at first. This occurs because you lack sufficient skills or resources.

If you are looking for a job, some opportunities will arise, but only with temporary commitments or unclear views, which you may not like.

If you currently have a job, be proactive and keep your job.

During the week, situations will arise that may cause worry, instability or confusion.

In terms of finances, this week does not mean difficult, but you will have to carefully consider each of your expenses.

Some of you will be talking to family members about the costs you will face.

This week you will have the opportunity to advance your financial development, but do not act emotionally.

In love, there may be misunderstandings, which will be related to relatives interfering with your relationship.

Surprises in your home this week will be related to events that happened in the past or have occurred in the past few days.

Young Capricorns must learn from mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Damage to an important item or piece of equipment may irritate you.

Capricorn men will experience an important event related to a close person. A bad news can upset you and cause unexpected tension and stress.

Capricorn women will have some unexplained mood swings, which may be due to frustration or an inability to appreciate their actions. During the week you will receive news or conversations that will upset you, most likely related to problems in the life of relatives and friends.


Changes await you during the week of July 3-9, dear Aquarius. These changes may be related to changes, new people or clients in your team, the introduction of a new activity in the workplace, etc.

Whatever your stance on these events, they are bound to be part of your development at a good time.

During the week you will experience unpleasant news or emotional events. These things may not directly confuse you, but they will relate to someone you know.

During these seven days, be careful with your financial sources. On many levels there may be unexpected expenses related to the home or relatives.

During this week, don’t be deceived by promises that will only lead you in vain to wait for their fulfillment.

Whatever you want to do, do it on your own, using the possibilities and resources that you have.

During these seven days, be careful not to let pessimistic emotions, feelings of loneliness, sadness or dissatisfaction go unchecked.

Good and bad times in a person’s life have their own rhythm of cycle. Nothing will depend on our will.

Young Aquarians will find themselves in unpleasant situations due to overheard remarks or information that belong to other people’s secrets. These troubles are also a good lesson, even though they will bring you a lot of negative emotions.

Aquarius men will have a pleasant week with the opportunity to do many useful things. You will have to do something for that child or relative who is going through some unpleasant moments in life.

Aquarius women will experience health problems, which may be due to stress or a chronic disease that has not been treated seriously. You will be involved in an event related to a child or a relative of your friend.

【Pisces】Translator: @Estherdora

This week you will be directly interested in events related to close people who do not live in your home. For some reason, these things are important to you and probably to your family.

This week, events in your workplace or business will be the subject of important conversations, even within your family. Important decisions related to these events can be discussed.

This will be an auspicious week for those planning an engagement or wedding.

Sudden conflicts can cause you id emotional discomfort with mutual accusations or insults that you will think are baseless.

This week, you may feel anxious about an upcoming trip. Some of you will experience stress related to a traffic accident that does not necessarily involve you personally.

During the week, most of you will be concerned about the health of a relative who lives in another village or city.

Expect important news, invitations or information related to his personal plans or travel from a man.

This week for you the development of some important events may be delayed, but in general you will experience or realize your plans and expectations.

Young Pisces men and women will be looking for opportunities to increase or get enough pocket money. Important tasks and commitments related to your education, career or activities are also approaching during this period.

Pisces men will think about what they need to do this week to have the opportunity to make the changes they want to make as soon as possible. During the week you will need to travel, or you will have important conversations with people who live in another city or country.

Pisces women will spend a lot of time with friends, attending meetings or gatherings, whether they have the occasion or not. In this way, you’re trying to get out of some pessimistic, sad state for which you may actually have no specific reason, other than some routine and sadness.

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