Multi-faceted cooperation Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism groups signed a strategic cooperation agreement

According to Hebei Daily, recently, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cultural Tourism Industry and Project Promotion Conference was held in Tianjin. At the meeting, Beijing Capital Tourism Group, Tianjin Tourism Group, and Hebei Tourism Investment Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on the principle of “win-win cooperation and common development”, the three parties will cooperate in tourism development, health care, and hotel services. At the promotion meeting, Hebei Tourism Investment Group focused on promoting Chongli Cuiyunshan International Tourism Resort, Luanping Jinshanling International Ski Resort, Fengning Yunman Shulin Prairie Scenic Spot, Xibaipo Red Shengdian Scenic Spot and Beidaihe Kangyang and other projects, and launched boutique travel routes and exclusive discounts for citizens of Beijing and Tianjin.

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