More than 100 new films “Fighting Gods” this year’s summer box office is expected to return to the “10 billion era” reporter Xiong Fangyu reported on July 4: Entering July, Chinese films officially ushered in the summer season. According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, the current box office of summer movies has exceeded 5 billion yuan, and it is expected to hit 15 billion yuan. More than a hundred films have been selected to be released in the summer, not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality. “The She Who Disappeared” starring Zhu Yilong and Ni Ni kicked off the summer film. In the upcoming new film, “In the Octagonal Cage” directed and acted by Wang Baoqiang, “Hot” directed by Dapeng, Wu Jing and Jason Stein Mori’s cooperative adventure action film “Megalodon 2: Abyss”, Chinese fantasy “Feng Shen No. 1”, animated film “Three Thousand Miles of Chang’an”, etc., are all seed players.

With the total box office of the movie “The Missing Girl” breaking through 2.4 billion yuan in 12 days, this year’s summer movie market has ushered in a new round of movie viewing peaks, and “super blockbusters” are released almost every week. Judging from the summer film schedule, the “Wang Zha” contestants may appear in July.

On July 6, the new film “In the Octagonal Cage” directed by Wang Baoqiang was officially released. The film has been screened in the past few weeks and has a good reputation. The new film “In the Octagonal Cage” is based on the real event of “Fighting Orphans”, telling the story of the protagonist who devotes all his efforts to training a group of orphans who are left alone to become real fighters. When the film premiered at the Shanghai Film Festival earlier, the scenes of the children breaking through the cage of fate and finding a way out of life in the story made the audience cry on the spot. “The Indomitable Power of Growth” belongs to those children, and it may also refer to Wang Baoqiang’s film career.

His directorial debut “Havoc in Tianzhu” was overwhelmed by word of mouth and won the 2018 Golden Broom Award. But his courage to appear at the “Golden Broom Awards” awards ceremony also impressed the audience. Submitting the director’s answer sheet again, Wang Baoqiang has made significant progress in directing and performance levels, and perhaps this time he can surprise the audience.

Due to the summer vacation, which is the longest time for students to rest in a year, the cartoons in the summer file have always been of high quality. “Thirty Thousand Miles of Chang’an”, which will be released on July 8, has attracted countless fans with its unique cultural temperament and beautiful Tang style paintings. From the perspective of Gao Shi, this film tells the profound friendship between him and Li Bai that spanned decades, and the magnificent chapters of the poets who shined in the bright and prosperous Tang Dynasty, chasing their ideals and realizing their life aspirations.

“Poetry Immortal” Li Bai “toasted to invite the bright moon”, Gao Shi held a weapon and held his head forward, young Du Fu couldn’t let go of the scroll, and “Poetry Buddha” Wang Wei holding a piano, He Zhizhang who was immortal, and “Tang Dynasty Music” who played music while walking The holy “Li Guinian”, the unrestrained calligrapher Zhang Xu, the dignified and straightforward Princess Yuzhen, and the brave and fearless Tang Dynasty famous general Guo Ziyi… Although the 168-minute film breaks the longest animated film in Chinese film history, it is still the top-ranking animation film in the Tang Dynasty. Who can resist the stories of poets?

On July 20, the mystery of “Fengshen Part 1”, which has made movie fans wait for ten years, will be unveiled. From the moment the lineup was officially announced, the “Fengshen Trilogy” directed by Wu Ershan has locked in the high attention of Chinese movies. Li Xuejian, Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Wang Luoyong, Yuan Quan, etc., are a lot of recognized strength factions, plus Yu Shi, Chen Muchi, Hou Wenyuan and other newly popular niche players. The movie “Fengshen Part I” opened the prelude to “Fengshen Trilogy”. The story is about the collusion between Shang Wang Yinshou and the fox demon Daji. The Kunlun fairy Jiang Ziya went down the mountain with the “Fengshen Bang” to find the Lord of the World and save the common people. Ji Fa, the son of Xibohou, gradually discovered Yin Shou’s true colors, and turned back to Chaoge… It is reported that the total investment of the trilogy has also reached the ceiling figure in the history of Chinese movies.

“The Super Family”, which was released only one day later, starred Alan and Shen Teng. Whether it can come from behind is also expected. The two domestic blockbusters will also face challenges from foreign blockbusters. In August, “The Megalodon 2: Abyss” starring Wu Jing and Jason Statham has a good mass base in China. Jason Statham and Wu Jing joined forces to stage a sea action drama. It is not only about who is the hard currency in the Chinese film market in the two major genres of comedy and action, but may also be related to who, the two box office kings, Shen Teng and Wu Jing, will continue to lead the personal box office after the summer.

Directed by Dapeng and starring Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, the movie “Enthusiasm” is scheduled to be released on July 28. The film focuses on the field of hip-hop dance, and tells a passionate story of a teenager chasing his dream and turning against the wind. Hip-hop theme has rarely been involved in domestic films before, but this has not affected the popularity of the film. According to the real-time announcement data of Beacon Professional Edition, the number of people who “want to watch” “Hot” has exceeded 500,000. Since the beginning of this year, “No Name” and “The King of the Sky” starring young actor Wang Yibo have successively landed on the big screen, contributing 931 million and 812 million box office results respectively. A strong contender for “Dark Horse”.

Hong Kong filmmakers also occupy a place in the summer. In July and August, director Qiu Litao released three films in a row. “Sweeping Drugs 3: The End of the World” opened in July, “Assassination Storm” started painting on August 18, and “Jedi Pursuit” It was released on August 25 at the end of the summer season, just like a “Hong Kong film battle” between Qiu Litao and Qiu Litao.

There are many imported blockbusters to be screened this summer, in addition to the Sino-foreign co-production “Megalodon 2: Abyss”, “Transformers: Rise of the Hero”, “The Flash”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark: Wheel of Fortune” Equal ledger blockbuster is about to debut in North America simultaneously. During the 3-month summer vacation, “Fairy Fight” lasted nearly 100 days. I don’t know which movie will make your heart move. Spend 2 hours on a journey of light and shadow?

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