Meng Hetang was a guest at Qin Xiaoxian’s variety show and accepted an exclusive interview with the program group. Netizens: Brother Meng really knows pandas

Meng Hetang was a guest at Qin Xiaoxian’s variety show and accepted an exclusive interview with the program group. Netizens: Brother Meng really knows pandas

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On July 4th, Meng Hetang of Deyun Society was a guest of Qin Xiaoxian Variety Show, and the content of an exclusive interview with the program group was released. Seeing that the program group provided a set of pictures of pandas in Jiugongge, Meng Hetang could not only call out the names accurately, but also tell the stories of some of the panda names. Many netizens said that Brother Meng really knows pandas, and he is really a super panda fan. At the same time, Meng Hetang also posted a trailer of watching pandas with Yang Di and other guests.

Both variety shows are themed on pandas, and some viewers are curious, what’s going on? Is there any special, special meaning? In this regard, Luan Yunping, vice president of Deyun Club, inadvertently gave the answer. Seeing that Luan Yunping forwarded the news from People’s Daily online, wishing giant pandas Menglan, Hehua, and Heye a happy birthday, everyone understood. You know, variety shows are still very good at finding hot spots, and they are still very good at chasing hot spots.

In this program recorded with Yang Di and Yang Chaoyue, they are going to see the giant panda Huahua. Because there are many people in line, you can only give up. Although he didn’t see Huahua, he was able to see the giant pandas Chunsheng, Xiangguo, Hemei, and Leshan with his own eyes. As a panda fan, Meng Hetang said in the copy that he was very satisfied. And seeing Meng Hetang’s performance in the interview of “All-Out Action”, everyone felt Meng Hetang’s love for giant pandas even more.

This is Mengmeng, this is Qizai, this is Menglan, this is Huahua, this is Kuku, and this is Shuaishuai. Everyone was very impressed when Meng Hetang said the panda’s name without hesitation. In this regard, Meng Hetang also explained, saying that if he watched ten short videos, one of them would be related to pandas. It can be seen that Big Data also knows how much Meng Hetang loves pandas.

Compared with Meng Hetang, Qin Xiaoxian, Hanikezi, Huang Minghao and other guests did not perform as well as Meng Hetang. Some say they are all national treasures, while others think that these giant pandas all look the same. In this regard, some people are more curious. Meng Hetang is not a breeder, how can he be so clearly divided and know so much? In fact, it’s like talking about cross talk. The more you listen, the more you talk, the more experience you have, and it will come naturally.

Meng Hetang watches a lot of short videos, coupled with his hard work, he can naturally see the difference between each panda. In the eyes of others, pandas all look the same, but in his eyes, they are all different, all very interesting and cute. This is just like the Chinese test papers in a certain country in the short video. When everyone looks at the cloze on the test papers, there is a kind of cloze in the English test papers. Once you know it and use it proficiently, there is nothing to be afraid of.

For Meng Hetang, the audience and fans have a high opinion of him. Some people think that Meng Hetang is a sober person of Deyun Society, who knows what he wants to do and how to do it. Some people feel that Meng Hetang is more pragmatic and down-to-earth, the kind who keeps his head down and doesn’t like to talk. In fact, if I like an actor, I think he is the best no matter how I look at it. And Meng Hetang is indeed a good actor who is worthy of everyone’s pursuit and love.

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