Love Kantouan|The wall built for the Yellow River has been demolished, what about other places?

According to reports, on July 1, the fence along the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall Tourist Area (Shaanxi side) was demolished. It is said that the local leaders were on site and directed the construction workers to remove the wall. This marks that the incident of “building a wall to the Yellow River”, which was once a bummer, has finally been resolved in the direction expected by public opinion. Looking back at this incident, in May of this year, some netizens took a video of the wall being built along the Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area of ​​the Yellow River. , to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River. Faced with this doubt, the Administration of the Yellow River Hukou Scenic Area in Yichuan County, Shaanxi Province immediately issued a statement stating that there were two considerations for building the wall: first, the road section is prone to rockfall, and before the wall is built, tourists can overlook the Hukou Waterfall. , but staying here is easy to be injured by falling rocks; second, it will hinder traffic and cause traffic accidents.

In fact, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the purpose of such an operation is not as “simple” as advertised locally. In the final analysis, it is to “make money by borrowing scenery”, by changing the scenic spot into a “sealed scenic spot”, to increase the scarcity of tourist attractions, so that tourists can not have a visual addiction without spending money to buy tickets. With the rapid recovery of the tourism industry, these scenic spots are trying to create more economic benefits in this way. Seeing this point, it is not difficult to understand that from May 1st to the Dragon Boat Festival, in just two months, scenic spots such as Hukou Waterfall, Qinghai Lake, Meili Snow Mountain, and the Great Bend of the Jinsha River all “suddenly” realized “tourist safety” and “protection”. In view of the importance of “ecology” and “feeding back to the villagers”, fences have been built one after another to prevent tourists from enjoying the scenery of the scenic spot. Although each has its own reasons, and all of them are high-sounding, the public’s eyes are always discerning, and such cleverness can only arouse people’s doubts and resentment.

Judging from the general law of tourism development, the more prosperous the tourism is, the less concerned about tourists’ ticket money, but often through efforts to improve tourists’ tourism experience, through the in-depth development of tourism products and services, to attract tourists in the local area. Consumption. On the contrary, if you only think about “walling off the scenery” and forcing tourists to buy tickets, you may not escape the fate of being abandoned by tourists. Returning to the Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River, after two months of deliberation, the local area finally removed the fence. Although it was inevitable that it was costly and labor-intensive, it was in line with public opinion and showed the sincerity of the local area to make up for it. Hukou Waterfall has already set an example. Can those places that are still “locked by high walls” seriously consider the voice of the common people? ( commentator)

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