Liu Yifei is so fat without makeup!The pancake face and the waist of the bucket are feminine, but she is the only one who does not hold the most authentic

Many people think that Liu Yifei is really very beautiful, and even think that she is her fairy sister, especially some TV dramas she acted in when she was a child, which really left a very deep impression on everyone. Today’s Liu Yifei is also getting older, so sometimes changes come one after another. Now she looks a little fat without makeup. The whole person looks bloated, and her face It looks very fat. And the waist is also very thick, the whole thing is feminine. But to be honest, she is relatively real and doesn’t know how to carry it. The whole person will appear more at ease, which still looks pretty good.

Liu Yifei looks really fat now, her whole face is like that kind of big pie face, and she doesn’t have any waistline, she really doesn’t look so prominent in the crowd, especially when she is without makeup, the whole People look even more old-fashioned. It can only be said that as they grow older, they must not be as beautiful as before.
Wearing such a black skirt, she looks even more ordinary, a bit like that kind of middle-aged woman, but in this photo, she still looks more at ease, never They don’t deliberately hold anything, so it really looks very real.
Liu Yifei wears such a black dress that is relatively simple. Under this lens, she does look a little fat. It feels like she is very fat now, and the flesh on her face has also changed. A little more, if you were young before, the whole person looks a little more tender, and it is indeed a fairy-like existence.
Under this lens, she does look very immortal, but the flesh on her face looks more obvious, especially compared with Zhao Liying in the back, it seems that Liu Yifei has a lot of fat on her face, the whole person It’s just like a very wide one, but the dress she is wearing is still quite beautiful, and the whole look is that kind of fairy air.
She was more beautiful when she was thinner before, and the whole jaw line is also very obvious. At this time, she looks very young. She wears a white dress on the upper body and a brown skirt on the lower body. The overall match If you stand up, you will look very elegant. When you are thin, you can look good in anything.
Wearing this black dress is not so good-looking, because if she is getting older now, the fat on her face will become more and more, and the whole person will look a bit like a middle-aged woman, without makeup If so, she will indeed look older, and now she is not as good as she used to be, and she is gradually getting worse.
But she is still the fairy sister in everyone’s mind, because she has a very good temperament. Although she is now in good shape at this time, she is still very sweet when she smiles, and she is also very beautiful To be honest, I never deliberately pretend, so it feels very real to people.

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