Lipton America enters the field of frozen ice products, and Nayuki’s new ice cream yogurt series

The recent major consumer events, new things start to break the news!

1. Anmuxi and Daily Heiqiao jointly launched Chocolate Bobo Ball Yogurt

Recently, Anmuxi co-branded Daily Heiqiao to launch a new chocolate pop yogurt product, with a total cocoa solid content of ≥48% and a 48% reduction in sucrose. It is understood that the product uses daily black artisan blended with thick and mellow raw milk, and at the same time, it also adds 10% bursting chocolate bobo ball fruit sauce, which is silky, rich and long-lasting in the mouth.

The Tianyancha App shows that the ownership of “Anmuxi” belongs to Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., which was established in June 1993. The legal representative is Pan Gang, and the registered capital is about 6,398.91 million yuan. (Tianyancha)

2. 1DianDian mint drink launched nationwide

On June 29, 1DianDian Milk Tea announced that its mint drink was officially launched nationwide. Containing real peppermint extract, this mint drink has a pure herbal aroma with a fresh scent. Among them, mint green tea jelly combines jasmine green tea and tea jelly, with a rich and refreshing mint taste; mint milk green has a softer mint taste, with a milky green fragrance at the top and a mint fragrance at the end.

3. Nayuki’s new ice cream yogurt series

On June 29th, Nayuki’s tea was on the Shinnayuki ice cream yogurt series. It is reported that this series uses ice cream yogurt made with traditional yogurt brewing techniques in Inner Mongolia, fermented with raw milk in the pasture, and meets avocado and peach silky. Among them, “Baqi Ice Cream Yogurt and Avocado” selects imported high-quality avocados to make a dense smoothie. The pulp content is about the same as a whole avocado. It is paired with ice cream yogurt and ice cream taste. The taste is rich, springy and tender slip. “Domineering Ice Cream Yogurt Peach
“Using thin and juicy peaches and sorbet yogurt, mixed with mellow sorbet cheese and sorbet yogurt, smooth and dense.

The Tianyancha App shows that the ownership of “Nayuki’s Tea” belongs to the company, which was established in April 2016 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and is wholly-owned by Shenzhen Pindao Catering Management Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Nayuki’s tea. (Tianyancha)

4. MannerCoffee “Essai Oiran Coffee” is available for a limited time

It is reported that MannerCoffee has limited the return of SOE Ethiopian Oiran classics for a limited time, and the national stores of “Ethiopian Oiran Coffee” have unified new ones. It is understood that the coffee beans are produced in the Hambela region of Ethiopia. The hand-picked red coffee berries have been finely sun-dried for 21-28 days to brew this classic single-origin coffee bean. In “Esser Oiran Coffee”, the sweetness of oranges and the sweetness of milk blend delicately, like “an orange fudge”. The sweet and sour berry flavor bursts into a refreshing taste in the rich coffee.

Tianyancha App shows that the ownership of “MannerCoffee” belongs to Shanghai Yinhe Industrial Co., Ltd., which was established in October 2015. The legal representative is Han Yulong, with a registered capital of 4,031,465 yuan. It is composed of Han Yulong, Lu Jianxia, ​​H COOKIES CO.,LIMITED , COATUE PE ASIA 44 LLC and other joint shares. (Tianyancha)

5. Lipton USA enters the field of frozen ice products

According to reports, the well-known tea brand Lipton announced that it will launch the Pops of Sunshine series of popsicle products in the US market this summer. This official announcement also means that Lipton officially entered the field of frozen food. This series has two flavors: citrus green tea and peach iced tea. The product packaging adopts simple and fresh transparent packaging; the shape returns to the most classic popsicle stick shape.

6. Haoliyou co-branded Qingdao International Beer Festival and launched “Zibo barbecue flavor” and other interesting new products with Shandong characteristics

The 33rd Qingdao International Beer Festival will be held on July 14 in Qingdao Golden Beach Beer City. Brand news, Haoliyou will cooperate with Qingdao International Beer Festival to build a brand pop-up store in Jinshatan Beer City, offering trendy and puffed “New Harbin Wine Partner” to tourists from all walks of life. At the same time, “Zibo BBQ Flavor” , “Spicy Stir-Fried Clam Flavor” and “Peanut Edamame Flavor” and other new potato chips co-branded by the 33rd Qingdao International Beer Festival will also be launched simultaneously, striving to create a young and fashionable immersive experience of “Friends Fun Beer”.

7. Unilever’s South China base invested more than 1.67 billion yuan

According to the “14th Five-Year Plan for Industrial Development in Conghua District (Including Advanced Manufacturing and Strategic Emerging Industries)” issued recently, the estimated total investment of the Unilever South China production base project in Conghua District, Guangzhou is 1,674,831,700 yuan. After completion, the annual output of food and daily chemical products will reach 370,857.00 tons. According to the data, this is the company’s largest investment project in China in recent years. It plans to complete the operation of the personal care factory in 2023, the food factory in 2024, and the ice cream factory in 2025. (Conghua Government Network, FMCG)

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