Lipsticks necessary for dating recommend these whitening lipstick numbers to make you look more charming

Summer essentials! No need for whitening, just use the right lipstick! Recommended evaluation of seven refreshing and whitening lipsticks!

MAC new gradient bullet #410 La Femme

This upper lip is a dark purple grape color with full aura! ! ! But it is thickly applied and has a burgundy red feel~ You can apply it casually to create a nice layering effect~~ Although the purple tone of this one is really very heavy! But it’s also quite obvious! Personally, I feel that this one may be more suitable for autumn and winter~ that’s right! This advice must be worn with full makeup! ! Even better! ! ??The texture is very moisturizing ~ not dry out! I really like the case! !


This is just the twin color of Chili Pepper, also called HyunA color, and its English name is devoted to chili. This is made according to the color number of Pepper, a twin color, so it is somewhat similar to Pepper, the difference is probably in the intensity of the color. Thick smear has the feeling of chili red maple leaf red peach color, thin smear feels like a lighter chili, thick smear is much browner and much darker, it is completely different from small pepper, suitable for autumn and winter.

The texture is the same as that of a small pepper, but the paste is smoother than ever. The matte surface is not dry at all. It is very advanced after being applied, and it feels a bit like plasticine. I personally think this one looks better than the chili, but if you already have chili, then there is no need to buy this one. There is not much difference between the two color systems, one is enough.

Armani Armani New Red Tube Lip Glaze #206

Armani’s new magenta tube 206, this must be the king fried lip glaze this autumn and winter, what kind of fairy color is this, gentle and mellow creamy chestnut reddish brown! The calm and soft reddish-brown tone is blended with a bit of lively orange tone, which has a milky chestnut feeling.

The thin application has a slightly more orange tone, and the thick application has a very rich reddish-brown tone. With the red tube, the velvet matte texture is particularly high-end, yellow skin and white skin are friendly, just arrange it!

huayuji herbal lipstick

This Huayuji botanical lipstick is very temperamental for daily use! It looks bursting!! Don’t pick your skin, whether it is yellow skin or white skin, you can easily control this lipstick, which can show both whiteness and temperament!

The lipstick is really tender and clear, high-end and unassuming, low-key luxury is the best description for it. At the same time, advanced moisturizing ingredients are used, which can provide sufficient moisture for the lip skin during use, and keep moisturizing for a long time. It not only makes the lip skin moist and smooth, but also slows down the appearance of lip lines. Even without a primer, it is very easy to apply, the texture is moisturizing, it can dilute lip lines, and it will not feel greasy.

And the color will change with the PH value of the lips. Its color is soft and a little bit mature. The upper lip gives plain makeup and light makeup without looking too “pretentious”.

Its color is definitely the one with the highest degree of matching with the yellow skin color, which makes the color between the lips natural and full and advanced, and a light makeup is enough to give people a sense of natural beauty. No matter it is thinly applied or thickly applied, it looks good. Thin application is a pseudo-plain lip color that can never go wrong, as if it is your own lip color. It is naturally unpretentious and can bring a natural and advanced good complexion.

When applied thickly, it is a more retro and delicate peach color, and it has to be praised for its whitening strength. It is a relatively tender and elegant color, and the upper lip also looks lively and clean, which can easily become the finishing touch on the natural and uncarved cheeks. Sisters who like plain makeup or light makeup, a transparent base makeup with such a clear color will really make your clear temperament get twice the result with half the effort.

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