Linshu County Willow Vocational Skills Competition Promotes Craftsmanship

On the morning of June 30, the Linshu County Willow Bian Vocational Skill Innovation Weaving Competition jointly sponsored by Linyi City Agriculture, Forestry and Water Trade Union, Linshu County Federation of Trade Unions and other units was successfully held in the China Willow Bian Culture and Art Museum. The purpose of this competition is to inherit the traditional willow weaving culture, promote the spirit of craftsmanship, strengthen the construction of agricultural and rural skilled talents, and provide strong talent support for rural revitalization.

More than 70 contestants, including willow weaving experts from all over the county, willow weaving designers from various enterprises, and social weaving practitioners, signed up for the competition. The rules of time-limited free proposition and free creativity were adopted in the competition. The willow weaving artists completed the willow weaving works within the specified time, and then A jury panel composed of masters of arts and crafts at all levels conducts the review, and scores the contestants’ works according to the creativity, shape, weaving method, and weaving work of the contestants’ self-proposed questions. A total of 1 special prize, 3 first prizes, 6 second prizes, and 10 third prizes were selected in this competition, and the awards were presented on the spot. For the award-winning contestants, the County Federation of Trade Unions will include them as technical experts and skill stars at all levels for key training.

In recent years, the Linshu County Federation of Trade Unions has firmly established the values ​​of glorious labor, noble skills, and precious talents. Taking the reform of the industrial workforce as the starting point, it has vigorously promoted the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and continuously increased the cultivation of skilled talents. The county has formed a strong atmosphere of honoring labor and respecting model workers. (Zhong Han and Chen Xiutao)

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