Lin Zhiying was met by chance in the first class, and the “daughter dream” was committed again, holding the little girl and couldn’t put it down

On July 4th, a netizen shared a video of encountering the “immortal god” Lin Zhiying in the first class. In the video, Lin Zhiying was wearing a baseball cap and dressed in black and white in a very low-key manner. A little girl looked at her dotingly, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

Many people know that Lin Zhiying and his beloved wife Chen Ruoyi only had three sons and no daughter after marriage. It is reported that he holds the daughter of a passenger on the same flight in his arms. Lin Zhiying has always had a “daughter dream”. Seeing this Cute little girl, “Daughter Dream” has come true again, holding the little girl in her arms and loving it.

The little girl also likes Lin Zhiying very much. She was held in the arms of a handsome guy like Lin Zhiying without crying or fussing. Even if her mother joked with her and said goodbye, the little girl was still clinging to Lin Zhiying and waved goodbye to her mother. She was so cute.

As the father of three children, Lin Zhiying is very professional and skilled in holding the baby. It is worth mentioning that Lin Zhiying, who was seriously injured in a car accident last year, although he had 10 titanium alloy nails on his right arm, he has recovered after several months. After training, now Lin Zhiying’s arm seems to have fully recovered. This time, he used his right arm to hold the little girl alone from time to time.

In addition to Lin Zhiying, there is also actor Lan Zhenglong who is traveling with him. At the end of June, it was revealed that he divorced Zhou Youting. Lan Zhenglong seems to be in good condition. He has a pair of children with Zhou Youting. He tilted his head and played with Lin Zhiying to tease the little girl. However, compared to Lin Zhiying who had a “daughter dream”, Lan Zhenglong seemed less enthusiastic.

It is reported that both Jimmy Lin and Lan Zhenglong participated in the recording of the new season of “Riding the Thorns”. Some time ago, some netizens posted a picture of two people coming out of the hotel together to record “Riding the Thorns”. , the handsome and courteous two people are very popular with passers-by.

Although Jimmy Lin has not appeared in front of the screen for a long time, his popularity has not diminished. This time Jimmy Lin came to the mainland to record “Overcoming Thorns” and many fans called him to support him.

Regarding Lin Zhiying who returned to work after the car accident, although some netizens complained that his face is different from before, but netizens who have seen Lin Zhiying praised him as handsome as before. Some time ago, Lin Zhiying participated in an event and took a group photo with fans. During the group photo, a little girl standing in the front row tilted her head and stared at Lin Zhiying the whole time. Sure enough, girls, no matter how old they are, like handsome guys.

Lin Zhiying, who has three sons with Chen Ruoyi, the eldest Kimi is 13 years old, and the twin sons are 7 years old. Earlier, Lin Zhiying expressed his desire to have another daughter many times in interviews. However, Lin Zhiying also expressed his worries. The fetus is another son.

Lin Zhiying, who was born in 1974, is 49 years old this year. Although his wife Chen Ruoyi is ten years younger than him, she is also an advanced mother. If the couple really want a daughter, they really have to put it on the agenda as soon as possible.

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