Liang Luoshi holds three sons and becomes the winner, and will share hundreds of billions of assets in the future. The hero behind it is her mother

Liang Luoshi once again attracted the attention of the media. Many media reported that Liang Luoshi and Li Zekai reunited. Some media even said that she was pregnant with Li Zekai’s fourth child, and the Li family built a mansion for her.

But these news are all false, Liang Luoshi did not reunite with Li Zekai, and she was not pregnant with the fourth child. Some netizens ran into Liang Luoshi in Canada. On the same day, she revisited her hometown with her son, and the two went to the supermarket together. The 14-year-old eldest son is already very tall and mighty, and looks very similar to Li Zekai.

Although Liang Luoshi did not reunite with Li Zekai, she is still a big winner with three sons in hand. Li Zekai’s assets are getting richer and richer now. Not only has he inherited Li Ka-shing’s cash assets, but his business is also developing very fast. Li Zekai originally controlled the telecommunications business in Hong Kong, and he also had quite a few real estate businesses.

In recent years, he has invested in Internet video, entertainment and other industries, and these businesses are currently developing very well. In addition, the insurance business he started to develop in 2008 is now in full swing. His FWD Insurance is already the largest insurance company in Southeast Asia. Now the company is waiting for listing in Hong Kong. If the listing is successful, the company’s market value is expected to exceed 60 billion US dollars.

Li Zekai personally holds more than 70% of the shares in FWD Insurance. If the company is successfully listed, his personal net worth will exceed 40 billion US dollars. In addition, he also has an asset management company in the United States, as well as a fund that invests in technology. At present, Li Zekai’s personal assets should also be around 100 billion US dollars.

After Li Zekai and Liang Luoshi broke up, although they had Guo Jiawen as a girlfriend, they were not really married, nor did they have children. Therefore, the three sons that Liang Luoshi gave birth to for Li Zekai are still Li Zekai’s only successors.

Li Zekai’s assets of hundreds of billions of RMB will be handed over to Liang Luoshi’s three sons sooner or later, and Liang Luoshi will also share these assets by then. But having said that, Liang Luoshi’s current life is already rich enough, basically there will be no more money to change it.

After Liang Luoshi gave birth to three sons for Li Zekai, although she broke up with Li Zekai, Li Zekai has always been responsible for her life. Liang Luoshi returned to Hong Kong and lived in a mansion worth 2 billion yuan. Luxury cars and private jets are essential for going out. Bodyguards and nannies are also available in life. It can be said that even if Liang Luoshi has hundreds of billions, his life will not change much.

The quality of life may not have changed much, but her son’s social status and future are completely different. After Liang Luoshi’s three sons take over Li Zekai’s business, they will also become giants in the business world, gain enormous power, and be able to command the wind and rain in the business world.

At that time, Liang Luoshi will naturally be able to gain more respect from mother to child. Liang Luoshi can change her life now, in fact, the biggest contributor is her mother.

Liang Luoshi’s mother is also an ordinary but great mother. The fate of Liang Luoshi’s mother was also very poor. She gave birth to a daughter with a man very early, but the two were not married. Later, for unknown reasons, Liang Luoshi’s mother took her daughter to Macau alone, and she worked as a dealer in a casino to support her daughter. Later, she met the son of a Portuguese family in Macau, and the two gave birth to Liang Luoshi.

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