Li Yapeng’s second-married daughter is suspected of suffering from a genetic disease, unresponsive, peeling hands and feet, and walking legs are not right

well knownLi Yapengin withFaye WongNot long after the divorce,Faye Wongannounced withNicholas TseReunited after a broken mirror, they began to talk about love, andLi YapengMet current wife in 2020Haiha Jinxiand marry it.

The two now have a daughter togetherXia Xiawith the eldest daughterLi Yancompared to the younger daughterXia Xialooks healthier, so this also makesLi YapengVery happy.

But at the beginning of the year,Li Yapeng’s second wife Haiha JinxiBut a message came out, sayingMy daughter Xia Xia often peels off her hands and feet repeatedly. She has seen doctors many times but it doesn’t work, and her daughter’s nails are also deformed due to lack of nutrition.which made her very worried.

As soon as the news came out, more and more netizens began to observeXia XiaAfter careful observation, it turned out that many things were wrong.first of allXia XiaWhen a normal person smiles, both eyes move at the same frequency, either the eyes complete a crescent shape, or narrow into a slit, andLi Yapeng’s youngest daughter Xia XiaWhen laughing, one eye is bent, the other is open, and the mouth is crooked, which looks very weird.

In addition, netizens also foundLi Yapeng’s youngest daughter Xia XiaThere is also a problem with walking. The right leg looks normal when walking, but the left leg is slow, and the two legs are not in the same rhythm, and there is a feeling of lameness.

When I was playing ball throwing with my grandpa, the balls fell to the ground.But Xia Xia did not find out in timebut was stunned for a while before realizing it, and then slowly ran over to pick it up,Responses also seemed a bit sluggish.

itselfLi Yapengeldest daughterLi YanI was born with cleft lip and palate, and after many surgeries, it was considered normal.Li Yapeng and Faye WongThe husband and wife also specially created in the name of their daughter“Smile Angel Foundation”just to help more children with cleft lip and palate.

At that time, some people doubted whetherLi Yapeng’s family has a recessive cleft lip and palate genebut was denied and falsely accused of beingFaye Wong was caused by smoking during pregnancy

nowXia XiaThere are so many suspected genetic diseases,People can’t help but wonder if there is something wrong with Li Yapeng’s genes.

But soon,Haiha Jinxirespondedshe said andLi YapengNothing to do, it’s your own problem.She stated that she suffered fromThalassemiaso leads toDaughter Xia XiaHe has been malnourished since he was born, but he is healthy in other aspects, and he puts all the responsibilities on himself in his words.

Hearing this explanation, many people breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that they might be thinking too much. After all, it is best if the child is healthy. However, out of concern for the child, many netizens still suggested that the couple take their young daughter to the hospital for a check-up, which is more reassuring.

andLi YapengAfter marrying his second wife, he has been devoting himself to live streaming to make money, ignoring the care of his family.

The growth of children cannot be without the care of parents.Haiha JinxiAlthough she chose to sacrifice for the family and became a full-time mother, butLi YapengYou can’t just leave the child to the wife alone. Only the husband and wife can work together to build a beautiful home for the child.

Anyway, hopeXia XiaAs they said, as long as there are no health problems, I also wish this little girl can grow up healthy and happy all the time.

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