Li Bai Marching in Poetry and Fine Wine

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Drunk, danced and sang, stepped on the road to heaven, and dreamed of returning to the prosperous Tang Dynasty to see poets. The chivalry of the rivers and lakes is born in the wine, and the beautiful articles are hidden in the drunk.

In the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, poetry was like a tide. Li Bai, a talented man, is famous all over the world. His poems are like wind, flowers, snow and moon, like rivers and lakes legends, like thousand-year-old wine, which makes people intoxicated. His wine, like his poems, like his dreams, like his soul, let people feel his unique temperament in the taste.

Li Bai was lying drunk at the Chang’an Restaurant, with a glass of turbid wine in his hand, and a wisp of smoke in his eyes. His poems are like the stirring of a clear spring and the howling of a violent wind. His “Will Entering Wine” resounded like the sound of heaven: “If you don’t see the Yellow River, it will flow to the sea and never return. If you don’t see the mirror in the high hall, the sad and white hair will turn into snow in the morning like blue silk in the evening. Life is full of joy Huan, don’t make the golden cup empty to the moon.” His poems are full of love for life, perception of life, and understanding of human nature.

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His wine, like his poems, is full of unique charm. He takes wine as his friend and poetry as his companion. His “Drinking Alone under the Moon” depicts the scene of him drinking wine against the moon alone: ​​”A jug of wine among the flowers, drinking alone without a blind date. Raise a glass to invite the bright moon, and the shadow becomes three people.” His wine is full of loneliness With enthusiasm, full of desire for life and pursuit of ideals.

Li Bai’s poetry and wine are intertwined, forming his unique artistic style. His poems make people feel his love and pursuit of life; his wine makes people feel his understanding and perception of life. His poetry and wine are the embodiment of his soul and the crystallization of his art.

Drunk lying in Chang’an Restaurant, singing wildly to the end of the world. Li Bai, who walks in poetry and fine wine, is our poetry fairy and our wine god.

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