Lesson 13 Twelve Earthly Branches, Three Meetings and Three Units

The three meetings of the twelve earthly branches:

Yinmaochen Three Meetings Oriental Wood

The Southern Fire at the end of the afternoon

Shen Youxu Three Meetings Western Gold

Haizi Chou Sanhui North Water

The three meetings of the twelve earthly branches are relatively easy to remember, because Yinmaochen corresponds to January, February and March respectively, and January, February and March are spring. In spring, wood is prosperous, and wood is in the east. Others are the same. This can be memorized according to the season and month.

The triads of the twelve earthly branches:

Shen Zichen Sanhe Water Bureau

Yinwuxu Sanhe Fire Bureau

Ino Mi Sango wood bureau

Siyou Chou Trialloy Bureau

The triads of the twelve earthly branches are used a lot in the horoscope. There is no such thing as a half-combination in the three meetings, but there is a theory of the half-combination in the three-in-one meeting. For example, Shen Zichen Sanheshui, Shenzi Banhe, Zichen Banhe, Shenchen can also be understood as Banhe. When analyzing the horoscope, if the original horoscope has chen, zi, and see Shen in the fleeting year, even if it cannot be combined into water, it can increase the power of water. If the horoscope is prosperous and water is a fortune star, it can be judged that this year is good for wealth. of.

I also remember the triads of the twelve earthly branches through the zodiac. For example, if I am a rat, I will associate with someone who is a monkey and someone who is a dragon, and then I will remember Shen Zichen’s three-in-one water.

Here are a few pictures for everyone to see if there is any reason.

Do you understand? I hope these pictures can help you remember the triads of the twelve earthly branches.

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