Leo’s horoscope for the week

Love fortune:

The love fortune of Leo this week is generally acceptable, and it is better to make less promises, especially for Leo who are in the pursuit stage, don’t let yourself become a person who talks casually. A Leo who has a fixed partner has a certain amount of courage, and his partner will obey what he says, and he has a dominant position emotionally.

Career fortune:

The work fortune of Leo this week is quite good. Only when you fall in love with work will you be able to act. This week, Leo is serious about work. Leos who are looking for jobs are not afraid of not being able to find a job if they are capable. They just want to get a job that suits them, and they don’t want to get a job casually.

Wealth fortune:

This week, Leo’s wealth fortune is quite good. The emergence of competitors has given Leo the motivation to make money. He is no longer lazy, and starts to make plans and act according to the plan. Leo’s awareness of making money has improved, and it is a good idea to work or be your own boss.

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