Lee Seung-hyun fainted at Zhang Jie Xie Na’s wedding, broke the news in the variety show “Daddy’s Home”

Recently, Lee Seung-hyun participated in the variety show “Daddy’s Home” and said that he fainted when he attended the wedding of Zhang Jie and Xie Na! Aroused heated discussions among netizens.

The reason is that he thinks he often moves with his father, and there are few unacceptable situations, but he didn’t expect to overturn at Zhang Jie Xie Na’s wedding.

Everyone knows that Xie Na’s wedding location is in Shangri-La, which is a bit high above sea level, and there may be high-reverse situations.

Therefore, when Lee Seung-hyun arrived in Shangri-La, a friend reminded him that he should try not to jump around here to avoid altitude sickness.

But Lee Seung-hyun, born rebellious, insisted on not listening, the more he was not allowed to do something, the more he wanted to do something, and the result was embarrassing, he fainted while dancing.

Netizens said:

“Zhang Jie got married, why is Lee Seung-hyun more excited than the person involved?”

“No wonder he wasn’t in the photo of the wedding scene!”

“That was Zhang Jie who was even more excited. As we all know, at his wedding, Zhang Jie bounced around, did push-ups, danced, sang, drank, and played high notes with Xiao Shenyang all night!”

However, some people are curious, how did Lee Seung-hyun attend the wedding of Zhang Jie and Xie Na? Have they known each other that long?

In fact, Xie Na is Lee Seung-hyun’s first friend in China. The two have worked together on “Nana’s War of the Roses”, and Xie Na has brought Lee Seung-hyun to many shows.

I really envy their friendship!

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