Kunming Songziniao: Some Suggestions on Preparing for Pregnancy with Polycystic Ovaries

In today’s society, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the common endocrine diseases in women, characterized by chronic anovulation and hyperandrogenism, and most of the patients are accompanied by menstrual disorders. Menstrual irregularities, menstrual disorders, decreased chances of pregnancy, infertility, etc.

For women who want to have babies, polycystic ovaries will increase the difficulty of conception. Kunming Songziniao hereby puts forward the following suggestions:

1. Prepare for pregnancy in advance

Generally speaking, the time for ordinary women to conceive is between 23-28 years old, while the time for patients with polycystic ovaries is 23-26 years old. During this period, women’s bodies are in good condition. It is easy to recover, so patients with polycystic ovary syndrome should prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible.

2. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly

Ensure a balanced diet and proper exercise can coordinate endocrine while reducing weight. Obesity, as a common manifestation of polycystic ovary syndrome, is often accompanied by anovulatory infertility. Therefore, appropriate exercise, such as jogging, swimming, and rope skipping, can help restore ovulation and conceive naturally.

3. Regulate mood and actively treat

Active conditioning is an effective way to alleviate the condition, and at the same time, it needs to be matched with a happy mood. This is the first choice for pregnancy preparation. Being in a good mood is also one of the key factors in helping polycystic patients become mothers-to-be.

4. Stimulation therapy

Irregular menstruation is one of the precursors of polycystic ovary syndrome, and returning to normal menstruation is also an obvious symbol of the gradual recovery of polycystic ovary syndrome. During treatment, drugs are generally used to regulate the patient’s endocrine, and then consider ovulation induction therapy to help pregnancy .

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