“Knowledge” After the new emperor ascended the throne, why did Changbai persuade Gu Tingye to take the imperial examination again?

After the new emperor ascended the throne, Gu Tingye became an upstart in the imperial court from the abandoned son of the Gu family. The celebrity in front of the emperor returned to the Gu family with a flamboyant presence. Under the eyes of Brother Gu and Xiao Qin, he took away the reward from the previous emperor. , a red cherry gun.

Afterwards, Changbai came to tell Gu Tingye that his nickname spread throughout the capital again, but this was not Changbai’s focus. His focus was to persuade Gu Tingye to take the Chunwei scientific examination again, thinking that he was full of talents, and it would be a pity not to take the examination. up.

At that time, Gu Tingye was not only a meritorious minister in suppressing the rebellion, but also the right-hand man who escorted the new emperor from Yuzhou to the capital. Therefore, as soon as the new emperor came to the throne, Gu Tingye was promoted to be the governor of the left army. The commander of the deputy capital, the fourth grade, a mansion given by the emperor, and countless other rewards.

When you see this, you may be a little confused, why two official positions were sealed at once.

The official positions in the Song Dynasty are different from other dynasties. The officials in the Song Dynasty are divided into “officials, posts, and dispatches”. Among them, the official determines your rank and how much salary you get, and the post is an additional post for civil servants, such as bachelor, bachelor, etc. , is a kind of honorary title, dispatch is a real job, and it is a real job to take care of anything.

The three teachers and three officials of the first rank are not permanent. They are all honorary titles of retired veteran cadres. For example, Sheng Hong was a fifth-rank imperial doctor at the time, and his highest goal was to retire from the third-rank Yinqing Guanglu doctor, but Gu Tingye entered the court as a second-rank official, how many people envy him Jealousy and hate.

Let’s talk about his actual position. Let’s first look at the organizational structure of the military attache in Renzong and Yingzong (the new emperor who just took over at that time was Yingzong) in the Song Dynasty. It is divided into the Privy Council and the Sanya, which are directly under the jurisdiction of the emperor. The Privy Council is in charge of military and state affairs, military defense, frontier preparations, military and horse administration orders, etc., but the Privy Council has no soldiers. The real commander of the army is the Sanya, which is what we often call the Forbidden Army. The Sanya is divided into the Dianqian Division, the Guards’ Army Infantry Division, and the Guards’ Army Horse Army Division. , It looks like they have the same level, but their rank and power are absolutely different. The commander in front of the hall is the second rank, the deputy commander in front of the palace is the fourth rank, and the guards’ horse/infantry commander is the fifth rank.

As the saying goes, the first rank of officials crushes people to death.

Gu Tingye’s deputy commander in front of the palace is two ranks higher than the commander of the guards’ army horse/infantry division. It can be seen that the front division of the palace is the most important, and Gu Tingye, as the second in command of the front division of the palace, is also the former minister of the emperor. , Dahongren, is so popular in the capital that many people want to marry their daughters to him, and they line up to post posts.

At the moment when Gu Tingye was so popular, Changbai went to persuade Gu Tingye to take the imperial examination again, a bit like now you let a provincial and ministerial-level official, a governor take the college entrance examination, it sounds a bit absurd, even ridiculous.

You must know that Changbai was ranked in the imperial examination and entered the Hanlin Academy, and he was a seventh-rank editor. Sheng Hong was very happy and thought that Changbai had a bright future.

So why did Changbai persuade Gu Tingye to take the scientific examination again?

This starts with the officialdom system of the Song Dynasty.

Before the founding of the Song Dynasty, the Central Plains was in a mess. In just 50 years, there were five dynasties and more than a dozen countries. If you really sing and I will come on stage, whoever has the strength will be the emperor.

Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin was inspected in front of the Palace of the Forbidden Army in the Later Zhou Dynasty. Chen Qiao mutinied, the yellow robe was added, and Keping evolved and established the Song Dynasty.

After Song Taizu established the Song Dynasty, one was to put an end to the chaos of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and the other was to prevent someone from adding a yellow robe and starting to suppress generals. Therefore, one of the central ideas of the Song Dynasty’s governance was to emphasize civility over military affairs, and use civil servants to suppress generals.

From Song Taizu, Song Taizong, Song Zhenzong to Song Renzong, this idea was strictly implemented.

In the Song Dynasty, before Song Shenzhen was restructured, the highest administrative body in the Song Dynasty was under the Zhongshumen, and the highest military institution was the Privy Council, which were collectively called the two governments. In theory, the officials under the Zhongshumen were civil servants, and the Privy Council should be military generals, but in fact, due to the particularity of the Song Dynasty However, the privy envoys and deputy privy envoys of the Privy Council were all served by civil servants, the only exception being Di Qing from the Song Renzong Dynasty, but he ended up miserable.

Di Qing was a well-known general in the Song Dynasty. He once served under Fan Zhongyan’s command and was highly appreciated by Fan Zhongyan.

After Nong Zhigao’s rebellion in the south, the imperial court could not find a handsome man who could command the rebellion. At that time, Wen Yanbo, who was the prime minister, recommended Di Qing. Thinking about how to reward Di Qing, he wanted him to be a privy envoy.

As soon as Song Renzong’s idea came out, he was opposed by almost everyone in the civil service group, including Wen Yanbo. Later, Emperor Renzong rejected all opinions and appointed Di Qing as the privy envoy. After Di Qing took office, he was cautious in his words and deeds.

But for the civil official group, it is unacceptable for a military general to serve as a privy envoy. They always keep their eyes open to see Di Cuo make mistakes, and start to create something out of nothing. Di Qing’s housekeeper burns paper in the yard, which they say is red light All over the sky, Di’s dogs have grown three horns. It is even said that Di Qing wore yellow clothes and slept in the main hall of Daxiangguo Temple.

Under the suppression of the civil official group, Di Qing was dismissed as a privy envoy and sent to Chenzhou. After arriving in Chenzhou, Di Qing was physically and mentally exhausted, and died of illness in just a few months.

It can be seen that as a general, no matter how talented and capable you are, if you want to enter the core department of the country, don’t even think about it. Di Qing in the Renzong Dynasty is a living example, and less than ten years have passed, everyone still remembers it fresh.

Gu Tingye is not only a handsome talent, but also full of talent and ambition to learn from Fan Zhongyan. When he took the scientific examination, the marking teachers said that his writing style and ambition have the style of Fan Wenzhenggong, which shows that Gu Tingye’s ambition is great.

It is a pity that a person with ambition, ambition and talent cannot enter the two governments because of his status as a general. That’s why Chang Bai persuaded Gu Tingye to go to the scientific examination and passed the examination. He is a civil servant in terms of status. , is a member of the Civil Service Group.

In the Song Dynasty, as long as there was a war, civilian officials led the army, and the second-in-command was the military general. For Gu Tingye, it was easier to make contributions. With the status of a civil official, and the status of an emperor’s former minister, entering the second government is a matter of course matter.

Therefore, Changbai persuaded Gu Tingye to take part in the scientific examination. This is the heartfelt words of a true friend, and it is for his long-term consideration.

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