KANEBO Fall 2023 Shades…

KANEBO Fall 2023 “Shadow Color” ultra-fine liquid brow pencil, two-tone brow powder and brow styling cream.

?? Two-color eyebrow powder, in addition to eyebrow powder can also be used as eye shadow.

ED3 Smoky Shade Brown smoky brown color matching

EX2 Enchanted Twilight<Limited Color>Dark Purple x Gray Coral

EX3 Mystique Forest dark blue x smoked khaki

?? Liquid eyebrow pencil, can draw lines like real hair flow. It also creates a natural, dimensional brow shape. Not only can be used to draw eyebrows, but also can be used to draw hairline.

LE1 Noble Gray blue gray

LE2 Tender Brown reddish brown

?? Brow styling balm for color, texture and flow control. Even with holding power, it does not harden and keeps its shape firmly, giving a soft effect. Another key point is its water-resistant formula, which keeps brows beautiful throughout the day.

EF1 Shade Black transparent black

FE2 Mellow Camel Light Brown

EF3 Gentle Greige warm beige

??October 6

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