Kamen Rider Jihu: Jinghe seems to have a new form, and the truth ninja is the final form?

Introduction: In the latest story of Kamen Rider Jihu, it is also explained that only Jihu has the power to create the world. From this point of view, whether it is Cimli or Yingju’s mother who can create the world, it should be It is related to Yingshou. The story has come to the end, and the most interesting thing is how many forms of Kamen Rider Jihu have not been disclosed, and the uncertain information seems to imply that Jinghe will have a new power to appear, named Truth Ninja withholding!

The current position of Jinghe is the most confusing one among the protagonists, after all, all the blackening has been completed. I have also transformed from a hero who wants to save the world to an ordinary person who only wants to save his sister. This gap is extremely unfriendly to the shaping of heroes. Coupled with the double-standard attitude towards Cimuli, it can only be said that Jing He is really miserable. Although the black general is handsome, he is really unfriendly in terms of treatment in the play.

Even if Jing He created his own world, the world has not become better. Instead, it developed in a strange direction. After all, people in the future are all fun people, and it is basically impossible to keep them from doing things. The confusing plot is that Jing He and Quack Frog created a brand-new organization. Did this direction deviate from Jing He’s original dream? After all, I just wanted world peace at the beginning, and all sacrificed people can survive. In the new world His older sister Sha Luo should also be resurrected, but Jinghe has not become the same as before.

From the analysis of the plot, there seems to be only one way to wash Bai Jinghe now. That is to let Jing He have two personalities, which can be linked to Jing He in the movie version. In this way, all the problems can be concentrated on another personality. Although it is an old-fashioned solution, at present, there seems to be no better solution than this. It is also reasonable that after Jinghe officially returns to his body, he will gain brand new power.

After all, we have already seen similar plots in the story of Kamen Rider Revice. After Kamen Rider Revice fell into a rampage in the sophomore year, it was also because of Master Lou’s return that the sophomore gained new power. Although it is still a clown in the plot, it is at least a solution. And if Jing He can regain his original intention, maybe he will inspire a new strength and thus show a new attitude. Hearing the name Truth Ninja, the leather case will not be in the basic form similar to Truth Holy Blade or Truth 01!

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